Wrestler Spotlight: Liam Thomson

Photo credit David J Wilson

Hello, and welcome to another edition of Wrestler Spotlight. Today, we’re going to take a look at the Bad Boy of professional wrestling, Liam Thomson.

Alias – Liam Thomson

Nicknames – “King”, “The Bad Boy”, “The King of Sink Style”

Debut – 2004

Companies Wrestled For

  • All Star Wrestling
  • Alpha Omega Wrestling
  • British Championship Wrestling
  • British Hybrid Wrestling
  • Catch Wrestling Norddeutschland
  • Complete Revolutionary Wrestling
  • Dansk Pro Wrestling
  • Defiant Wrestling
  • Deutsche Wrestling Allianz
  • Discovery Wrestling
  • Dynamic Pro Wrestling
  • Fierce Females
  • Insane Championship Wrestling
  • Irish Whip Wrestling
  • New Generation Wrestling
  • North East Wrestling Society
  • Norwegian Wrestling Federation
  • One Pro Wrestling
  • Premier British Wrestling
  • Preston City Wrestling
  • Pro Wrestling 101
  • Pro Wrestling 4U
  • Pro Wrestling Elite
  • Pro Wrestling Innovation
  • Pro Wrestling ZERO1
  • RAD:PRO Wrestling
  • Real Deal Wrestling
  • Reckless Intent Wrestling
  • Rock N Wrestle
  • Scottish School of Wrestling
  • Scottish Wrestling Alliance
  • Shooting Star Wrestling
  • Showcase Pro Wrestling
  • Svensk Wrestling Syd
  • Target Wrestling
  • Three Count Wrestling
  • Triple Team Promotions
  • WA1 Wrestling
  • WILD Promotions
  • World Association of Wrestling
  • World Wide Wrestling League
  • WrestleZone
  • Wrestle Zone Wrestling
  • Wrestling Experience Scotland

Titles & Accomplishments

  • 1x Alpha Omega Wrestling Tag Team Champion w/The Referendum (Bobby Roberts & Lewis Girvan)
  • 1x British Championship Wrestling Openweight Champion
  • 1x British Championship Wrestling Cruiserweight Champion
  • 1x Dansk Pro Wrestling Tag Team Champion w/Kid Fite
  • 1x Deutsche Wrestling Allianz Tag Team Champion w/Kid Fite
  • 1x Insane Championship Wrestling Zero-G Champion
  • 1x One Pro Wrestling Tag Team Champion w/Kid Fite
  • 1x Premier British Wrestling Heavyweight Champion
  • 1x Premier British Wrestling Tag Team Champion w/Noam Dar
  • 1x Preston City Wrestling Tag Team Champion w/Kid Fite
  • 1x Pro Wrestling Elite Tag Team Champion w/Kid Fite
  • 1x Rock N Wrestle Highland Champion
  • 1x and first ever WILD Promotions Catchweight Champion

Signature Moves

  • Jacob’s Backcracker (Backstabber)


  • Fight Club w/Kid Fite
  • The GM Pire w/Kid Fite
  • The Final Cut w/Noam Dar
  • What A Time To Be A Sink w/Aaron Echo
  • The Sinky Party w/Jack Jester & Sha Samuels
  • The Referendum w/Laird Grayson, Bobby Roberts, Lewis Girvan, Scott Renwick, Carmel Jacob, Nikki Storm & Viper
  • w/Carmel Jacob
  • w/Debbie Sharpe
  • w/Christopher Saynt

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