Wrestler Spotlight: Liam Thomson

Hello, and welcome to another edition of Wrestler Spotlight. Today, we’re going to take a look at the Bad Boy of professional wrestling, Liam Thomson.

– Adam Morrison

photo credit David J Wilson

Alias – Liam Thomson
Nicknames – “King”, “The Bad Boy”
Companies Wrestled For – British Championship Wrestling, Wrestle Zone Wrestling, WILD Promotions, Premier British Wrestling, Insane Championship Wrestling, British Hybrid Wrestling, 3 Count Wrestling, World Wide Wrestling League, Triple Team Promotions, One Pro Wrestling, Scottish Wrestling Alliance, Irish Whip Wrestling, All Star Wrestling, Showcase Pro Wrestling, Deutsche Wrestling Allianz, Dansk Pro Wrestling, Real Deal Wrestling, Pro Wrestling 101, Catch Wrestling Norddeutschland, Dynamic Pro Wrestling, Scottish School of Wrestling, Shooting Star Wrestling, Complete Revolutionary Wrestling, New Generation Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Elite, Pro Wrestling 4U, Norwegian Wrestling Federation, Preston City Wrestling, North East Wrestling Society, Svensk Wrestling Syd, WrestleZone, Pro Wrestling ZERO1, WA1 Wrestling, Target Wrestling, Fierce Females, Rock N Wrestle, RAD:PRO Wrestling, Discovery Wrestling, Alpha Omega Wrestling, Reckless Intent Wrestling, Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum, World Association of Wrestling and Defiant Wrestling
Titles & Accomplishments
1x BCW Cruiserweight Champion (377 days)
1x BCW Openweight Champion (231 days)
1x DWA Tag Team Champion w/Kid Fite (1 day)
1x PBW Tag Team Champion w/Noam Dar (357 days)
1x 1PW Tag Team Champion w/Kid Fite (654 days)
1x DPW Tag Team Champion w/Kid Fite (456 days)
1x PCW Tag Team Champion w/Kid Fite (287 days)
1x PBW Heavyweight Champion (518 days)
1x PWE Tag Team Champion (301 days)
1x RNW Highland Champion (308 days)
1x and first ever WILD Catchweight Champion (length unknown)
Signature Moves – Jacob’s Backcracker (Backstabber)
Alliances – Fight Club w/Kid Fite, The GM Pire w/Kid Fite, The Final Cut w/Noam Dar, The Highland Badboys w/The Highlander, The Referendum w/Laird Grayson, Bobby Roberts, Lewis Girvan, Scott Renwick, Carmel Jacob, Nikki Storm & Viper, w/Carmel Jacob, w/Debbie Sharpe, w/Christopher Saynt
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