Wrestler Spotlight: Drew Galloway

Hello, and welcome to possibly the longest Wrestler Spotlight so far. Today, we take a look at former WWE star Drew Galloway.

– Adam Morrison

Alias – Drew Galloway, Drew McIntyre, Hamlet Macbeth
Nicknames – “Thee”, “The Chosen One”, “The Sinister Scotsman”, “The Captain”, “The Voice of the People”, “The Great American Nightmare”, “The New Phenom”
Companies Wrestled For – WILD Promotions, British Championship Wrestling, International Wrestling Promotions, International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom, Irish Whip Wrestling, Combat Sports Federation, Wrestle Zone Wrestling, 3 Count Wrestling, World Wide Wrestling League, FutureShock Wrestling, All Star Wrestling, Premier British Wrestling, Real Quality Wrestling, Insane Championship Wrestling, Triple Team Promotions, Scottish Wrestling Alliance, World Wrestling Entertainment, Ohio Valley Wrestling, No Limit Wrestling, Florida Championship Wrestling, EVOLVE, American Wrestling Rampage, Family Wrestling Entertainment, MAGNUM Pro Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Ulster, WrestleZone, Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment, Sports Wrestling Entertainment, Future Pro Wrestling, Dansk Pro Wrestling, Rock N Wrestle, Premier Wrestling Xperience, House of Hardcore, Big Time Wrestling, Total Nonstop Action, Pro Wrestling Elite, Preston City Wrestling, Revolution Pro Wrestling, International Wrestling Federation, Outback Championship Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Asistencia Asesoria y Administracion, Southside Wrestling Entertainment, National Wrestling Alliance, All Action Wrestling, Warriors of Wrestling, Ring of Honor (PCW supershows), Maximum Wrestling, westside Xtreme wrestling, Pro Wrestling Chaos, Plymouth Wrestling Association and WhatCulture Pro Wrestling
Titles & Accomplishments
2x BCW Heavyweight Champion (<1 day, 233 days)
1x IWW International Heavyweight Champion (141 days)
2x ICW World Heavyweight Champion (280 days, 378 days)
2x FCW Florida Tag Team Champion w/Stu Sanders (66 days, 2 days)
1x FCW Florida Heavyweight Champion (84 days)
1x WWE Intercontinental Champion (161 days)
1x WWE Tag Team Champion w/Cody Rhodes (35 days)
1x EVOLVE Champion (336 days)
1x Open the Freedom Gate Champion (104 days)
1x OCW Heavyweight Champion (175 days)
1x European Heavyweight Champion (2 days)
1x DPW Heavyweight Champion (302 days)
1x Scottish Heavyweight Champion (378 days)
2x & first ever EVOLVE Tag Team Champion w/Johnny Gargano (69 days) w/DUSTIN (120 days)
1x TNA World Heavyweight Champion (89 days)
1x TNA Impact Grand Champion (5 days)
1x WCPW Heavyweight Champion (108 days as of 18/03/17)
1x TNA Feast or Fired Winner (2016 – World Title Shot)
1x TNA Joker’s Wild Winner (2016)
Signature Moves – Future Shock (Double Underhook DDT), Claymore (Single Leg Dropkick), Iron Maiden (Arm Trapped Crossface), G-Spot (Piledriver), Thee Move (Cradle Tombstone), Scot Drop (Flatliner)
Alliances – Boddington Inc. w/Sabotage & Charles Boddington, Brit Pack/The Empire w/Stu Sanders, The Dashing Ones w/Cody Rhodes, 3MB(*) w/Heath Slater & Jinder Mahal, The Rising w/Eli Drake & Micah, The Black Label w/Jack Jester, Red Lightning, Flex Hunter, Wolfgang, Stevie Boy & Kay Lee Ray (+other associates), w/EC3 & DUSTIN, w/Dave Taylor

(*)-also appeared as The Union Jacks, The Rhinestone Cowboys & The Plymouth Rockers


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