Wrestler Spotlight: Jack Jester

Welcome to another edition of Wrestler Spotlight. Today, we’re going to take a look at one of Scotland’s biggest names in Jack Jester.


Alias – Jack Jester, Lee Thomas
Nicknames – “The Hardcore Prince”, “The Hardcore Icon”, “Mad Jack”, “Big Kink”, “The Big Ride Machine”
Companies Wrestled For – British Championship Wrestling, WILD Promotions, Wrestle Zone Wrestling, Triple Team Wrestling, World Wide Wrestling League, All Star Wrestling, Scottish Wrestling Alliance, Insane Championship Wrestling, Source Wrestling, Premier British Wrestling, All Action Wrestling, Pro Wrestling 4U, Preston City Wrestling, HXC Wrestling, WrestleZone, Fierce Females, Target Wrestling, Rock N Wrestle, HOPE Wrestling, westside Xtreme wrestling, Tidal Championship Wrestling, Main Event Wrestling, New Wave Wrestling Alliance, Wrestling Experience Scotland, Exposure Wrestling Entertainment, Pro Wrestling Elite, Celtic Championship Wrestling, Scottish Wrestling Entertainment, Rising Sun Wrestling Promotion, 5 Star Wrestling, NORTH Wrestling, Carnage in Caol and British Wrestling Revolution
Titles & Accomplishments
2x BCW Cruiserweight Champion
1x NWA Scottish Heavyweight Champion
1x BCW Tag Team Champion w/Mikey Whiplash
1x Undisputed WrestleZone Champion
1x ICW World Heavyweight Champion
3x SWA Highland Champion
1x PBW Heavyweight Champion
2x HOPE Champion
1x ICW Tag Team Champion w/Sha Samuels
1x PCW Tag Team Champion w/Sha Samuels
1x PWE Tag Team Champion w/Sha Samuels
1x BWR Heavyweight Champion
2014 WrestleZone Regal Rumble Winner
2016 Jimmy Havoc Deathmatch Invitational Winner
Signature Moves – Tombstone Piledriver, Team-Stone Pal Driver (Spike Tombstone Piledriver w/Sha Samuels)
Alliances – The Kinky Party w/Sha Samuels, The Sinky Party w/Sha Samuels & Liam Thomson, The Kinky Pinky Party w/Sha Samuels & Grado, The Black Label w/Drew Galloway, Red Lightning, Stevie Boy, Wolfgang & Kay Lee Ray (+other associates), w/Mikey Whiplash
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