The Life Of Smith: Grappling at Grapple – Round Two and The Road to Wrestlution X


After an enjoyable Thursday class at the Grapple Wrestling gym, I was back there for a Saturday class hosted by Paul Parisio, another trainer at Grapple that is well-versed in the traditional style of British wrestling.


The class started with a warm-up that consisted of timed bodyweight circuits and in-ring drills that covered aspects such as timing, footwork, positioning and awareness as well as conditioning. Shoot wrestling was also explored, with the same objective being outlined: get your opponent on their back for a pinfall, no strikes or submissions. This time around, it was three, three minute rounds, with us rotating opponents after each round. This helped changed things up a bit and I did find that brain power during shoot wrestling is just as helpful as physical brawn and/or stamina.

Several sequences in and out of knucklelocks and wristlocks were touched upon during this class. I had not seen many of them before and I enjoyed bringing them to the W3L Action Academy when I came back to Scotland. I love the traditional style of British wrestling and I feel like I am in my element when I am learning more about the style. With that being said, I was chuffed that it was something that is positively encouraged at the Grapple gym.

The class concluded in a similar way to the Thursday class with Marty did, where we were required to demonstrate what we learned in a three minute match situation. I found myself in unknown territory as the blue-eye/babyface/clean/protagonist/good guy wrestler during this scenario, but for my lack of experience in this role, I feel like I did well.


I will not hesitate in saying that I loved training at Grapple and would most certainly recommend it for aspiring or current wrestlers in the local area to train and for those a bit further away to visit. I am not sure when I will have the opportunity to do so, but I am hoping to head down there again soon at some point in the future. Grapple Wrestling have a show coming up at the Low Moor Club in Bradford on 1st October, with them featuring some great talent such as Liam Lazarus, David Graves, Amir Jordan and The Pop Punk Kid. If you are in the area during that time, get yourself there, or get a Megabus to Leeds and then another bus to Bradford for the show. You can buy tickets via You can also visit their website at

Other recent activities have included me putting in some time at the W3L Action Academy, honing my craft and working on my conditioning. I was also on the losing end of a birthday party contest versus Kevin Williams, who managed to survive a Chokeslam From Heck and defeat me with a Croc Bottom. This event also marked the refereeing debut of Jamie Jones, who did well in this role and someone you could potentially be seeing officiate future W3L shows, perhaps as an apprentice to the tremendous refereeing duo of Sean McLaughlin and Thomas Kearins.


Speaking of W3L, W3L has its Road To Wrestlution tour of Bedlington, Catterick Garrison, Hexham and Grangemouth this week, with the Hexham show falling on my birthday. Next week sees W3L in Berwick Upon Tweed on Thursday, Musselburgh on Friday for Wrestlution X, Dunfermline on Saturday and Consett on Sunday. A busy schedule indeed for The Guru of The Life of Smith, but one that will see plenty of interesting occurences. You can still buy tickets for these events on Until then, that is The Life of Smith. Good day.

Lucian Maynard-Smith