Lucha DS: The Road To Greenock

So…where to start…

Well how about back in 2013, I bought some tickets for me and a pal to the Premier British Wrestling show in Greenock Town Hall for the May show, I sat in the audience and watched some great battles with some of the best British/European talent going toe to toe on a cracking card.

I was even pictured sitting in the crowd here as El Ligero took on Noam Dar and Tommy End who are all doing big things all over the globe put on a breath taking triple threat three way.

I love the town hall in Greenock, it has always had a bit of magic for me. One of my best friends just got married here last month, I graduated here from James Watt College on that very stage. My two year old son received a Bookbug reading award here just last week. It has always been a landmark venue throughout my life.

It was at this show where the first hint of a potential Greenock PBW Academy was mentioned by the MC at interval. I have mentioned this moment hearing this before, because I knew right then and there, instantly(!), that I would be there the minute it opened.

So with the upcoming PBW show in October getting nearer it dawned on me I had a few pictures on my Facebook that showed me, very slowly, reaching the ring step by step in the beautiful town hall including this first one, Ligero going over the top rope and me sat watching.

The next one would see me get just slightly closer to the ring and the action…

This picture is from the high balcony in the town hall. Now 2014, captures an eight man with the team of Grado, Kenny Williams, Brandon Cooper and (my tag team partner this Saturday night for PBW in the Dobbie Hall, Larbert) El Technico taking on the formidable team of Darkside James Scott, Switch, Jack Jester and TJ Rage. A packed crowd around this busy ring with a guy wearing a grey hoodie sat in the corner of the barrier just above TJ Rage is myself, now a trainee of 6 months with PBW, who was given the job of maintaining the ring and the side skirts.

I loved every second of this show. I saw so much up close, and learned loads by watching how the guys and girls on the card worked so hard for this crowd. This sparked a real drive to work to hopefully get the chance one day to get on the Greenock show.

Roll onto 2015, this photo I took from the balcony of the town hall, I was standing by the camera I was operating for the DVD recording of the show. Another great seat to watch the action but again I was working hard at training and had now debuted on shows as Lucha DS. I was still waiting patiently for my opportunity to present itself for my hometown debut.

Then it came in April 2016, I got the chance to come out and perform in the town hall in an eight man elimination match. I teamed with Stevie Xavier, Mark Coffey and, fellow debutant and PBW student, Dylan Angel and we went up against the team of TJ Rage, Aaron Echo, Saqib Ali and Lou King Sharp in a fast paced match which saw me left in the ring against TJ Rage and Lou King Sharp. I managed to scratch and claw the win for the team and stand with my hand raised in the town hall.

I was full of all different emotions as I celebrated, I reached a goal of wrestling in the town hall…but it’s not over, as I now have some new goals. Why I wanted to write a few words about representing my town in this venue was seeing the poster come out for the show next month.

On the poster, I’m there, not only on it, not only sharing it with some world class amazing talents but with the words “Greenock’s Own” Lucha DS on it!


I couldn’t be prouder, I haven’t stopped smiling since PBW owner Ross Watson released the poster yesterday afternoon.

So on Saturday 29th of October, when I step out on that stage, it’s always a special moment for me as a wrestler to come out to a live crowd but when doing it here, this building, it has that extra meaning to me and a special place in my heart.

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