An Interview With Lionheart | Snapmare Necks


You’ve probably heard about it if you’ve been a living breathing human over the past year, but in case you’re a newborn with exceptional early reading skills, the biggest show in British Wrestling’s recent history takes place in under  a month’s time; ICW Fear and Loathing 9 at The Hydro. Undoubtedly the stage any British wrestler wants…no…NEEDS to be seen on. There’s probably even household names from further afield side eyeing it a wee bit and wondering if a spot on that show could help further their careers. Lionheart as he admits himself might not even have been on this show if the situation was the same as it was as recently as a year ago. Told he didn’t have a spot at ICW Shug’s House Party 2, and that as it stood he also didn’t have a spot at the 4,000 ticket sellout Fear and Loathing 8 at the…

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