Opinion: Sh*tnanigans Galore

Wrestling is weird. 2016 is weird. We’re in a very chaotic time of “anything can, and probably will, happen”. Not just in the actual wrestling in the ring but also on the ‘real life’ shenanigans between fans, wrestling personalities and promotors. Stuff that pops up on your social media bar, you can roll your eyes but curiousity means you’ll still have a gander at the happenings.

Fans attacking fans because of an opinion, it’s madness. Sadly it is nothing new, as it’s been happening since the dawn of media. Then you hear of incidents like groping, stalking and downright immoral and disgusting behaviour by those that claim to love wrestling. I’m sure they do, but to disrespect your fellow human while watching folk risk injury is highly stupid. Cheer, boo, shout, but why put others in danger? We’re all here to see a show, something we love, not to witness a prat doing something nobody has put their hands into their pockets to see. Then we have this:

The Triforce of Twattery

Backstabbing. It seems to be more and more common, or just more reported on the interweb with Twitter being an outlet for quick jabs and vague punches. Facebook is for the whole story…or quick jabs and vague punches with additional characters. Friends aren’t friends anymore, people you once thought were God’s gift are revealed as Satan’s hand puppet. Quick to report your failings to others but not so quick to offer help.

Arrogance. When fans think they have an entitlement right say something or to shoot down an opinion because they’ve ‘been coming to shows longer or have been to more events’. No. You. Don’t. Everyone has a right to like or dislike something, even if it’s universally praised by the majority.

Pettiness. Trying to outdo the other, not by putting on a superior show but by tearing down posters and calling venues to cancel events. Sending out a witchhunt for something that should be dealt with behind closed doors. Sometimes wrestling turns into The Jeremy Kyle Show with the ‘he said, she said’ way that it becomes. Thinly veiled insults and some not so thin.

Kayfabe is dead. Social media is the public domain now, everyone has an opinion, and for every opinion there’s a keyboard warrior out to disagree and post a sarcastic gif in return.


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