NSW RAW Review | OSW vs NSW


Due to RAW being held in Glasgow, we’ve shared a review of the show by our friends over at OSW vs NSW. Visit their Facebook page for old school and new school wrestling chat about WWE, TNA and everything else.

Well that was a strange RAW wasn’t it? Stranger yet, I actually enjoyed some of it! But not enough to make me not notice all the plot holes and booking f**kery that leads us into Survivor Series. Come to think of it, it was all a bit of a mess really. Maybe I only enjoyed some of it because it was in Scotland and their crowds are generally a bit more smarkish, there was definitely a different vibe from that audience than there would’ve been in the states, but maybe that’s down to Kevin Dunn doing every thing he could to hide the very audible destruction of Reigns by the Glasgow crowd. What’s that Corey? A rousing ovation? Nah man, that’s an awful reaction for a babyface. Ah Glasgow, don’t ever change…

And while we’re on the topic of Reigns, did you notice who stands at the front of the Team Raw Survivor Series graphic? In front of the Universal Champion no less! Or who came out last during tonight’s fatal 5-way main event? You guessed it…

Oh! ‘Member last week when Rollins came down to save Reigns from JeriKO? Reigns mustn’t ‘member, as he was in no rush to return the favor tonight at the beginning of the fatal 5-way when Owens and Jericho started the match by ganging up on Rollins.

It’s little things like this. C’mon WWE, you can do better than this. It’s not enough to protect the golden boy from the fan backlash, you have to at least try and make him somewhat likable.

So this week’s RAW was all about the Survivor Series teams rallying together, and what better way to get the men’s division on the same page than to put them all in a match against each other because…..logic! And that was our main event for the evening, which was okay I guess, KO won by falling knocked out from a superman punch onto Jericho’s pedigree’d body, pinning him for the 3-count. Unfortunately, Vince’s “money shot” of Roman and Braun squaring off didn’t garner the crowd reaction he would’ve hoped, and that’s the thing – Vince obviously still pictures events unfolding as if it were The Rock in the ring as opposed to his much less charismatic non-cousin Reigns.

Elsewhere on the show and the women had a hell of a time trying to control the crowd in their “Team Rallying” segment. I’ve said it before, I have no problem with crowds hijacking the show. If they were properly entertained then this wouldn’t happen. The only woman who handled anything even remotely well in this segment was Charlotte, and even surprise team-mate Sasha showed all of her weaknesses by just once again being AWFUL on the mic. And, using the same logic as earlier, to get everyone on the same page for their match in 2 weeks, the team was split in 2 and we were given a face vs heels 6 women tag match, ’cause nothing says team-building like a 3 on 3 fight! Bayley picked up the win for the faces by pinning Champ Charlotte, thus proving that she’s not the weak link on the team after all. Oh, and just so that no one’s left out at Survivor Series, Dana will be in Team RAW’s corner to fill the role occupied by Natalya on Smackdown. Why not, she’s looked to me like a Natalya clone since NXT anyway…

Sami Zayn defeated Rusev tonight in a quick match for the right to face Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental Championship at Survivor Series. It doesn’t matter anyway, Zayn’s not winning the gold. If the backstage segment between him and Steph tonight is anything to go by, they’re just about ready to pull the trigger on Zayn’s Daniel Bryan-esque push, which is basically the opposite of a standard push where they don’t push him at all. An anti-push if you will.

You know what? You could just copy and paste the script for all 3 divisions that have brand matches at Survivor Series. In-ring promo, friction in the team, animosity animosity, pointless match between team-mates. Same for the tag teams as it was for the men and women’s divisions, and that’s just lazy booking. Not to sh*t on things too much, I will admit that there were parts of the tag team segment that were funny and entertaining, New Day dressed as Braveheart, Sheamus and Cesaro gave me a giggle (but slightly more Sheamus), but it just went on too long, and giving The Club a win over The New Day afterwards is just a case of too little too late if all it does is give them a smidge of credibility heading into Survivor Series. And The Golden Truth gave up their spot on the RAW team in a losing effort against The Shining Stars. I don’t think too many people would’ve noticed anyway.

In the cruiserweight division, Rich Swann and Sin Cara defeated Brian Kendrick and a debuting hometown hero Noam Dar, with Kendrick attacking the Scotsman after the match, but much to delight of the crowd, Dar soon turned the tables and established himself as a face going forward. This was as good a WWE debut as anyone could ever hope to dream of, he should consider himself very lucky.

So that was RAW, muddled and confusing, but at least there’s temporary focus in that Survivor Series is in 2 weeks, but that just means that all other feuds are put on hold. These stories have already been drawn out for so long, at this stage, I’ve just stopped caring about who’s champion. With the way they’re treating Owens, I don’t even know if I want any of my favorites to become champion! Way to make wrestling confusing WWE. C- for this episode. Later folks!