ICW Fight Club 14/10/16 Review | Universal Wrestling Reviews

Friday Night Fight Club was amazing again this week as the build up to Fear and Loathing continued.

The rivalry between BT Gunn and Stevie Boy will be settled at Fear & Loathing but on this night the NAK managed to get one up on the Filthy Generation. A match between Stevie and BT was going to take place on this show, but as BT was making his way to the ring in his full necromancer attire Kay Lee Ray snuck out behind him and smashed him in the back with a chair. Then both members of The Filthy Generation commenced to beat down on BT Gunn. ‘WE’RE HAVING A PARTY WHEN STEVIE DIES’ sang a very familiar voice through the speakers and the crowd joined in and it soon became clear it was New Age Kliq member Chris Renfrew who distracted both members of The Filthy Generation long enough for them not to realise that the person the had attacked was not BT Gunn as he was standing right behind them after he snuck out from under the ring. BT quickly cleared the ring of both KLR and Stevie, Renfrew then issued a challenge to Stevie for a tag match to decide the stipulation for the match between BT Gunn and Stevie Boy at Fear and Loathing. Stevie walked away not giving his answer but it will take place over the coming weeks before Fear And Loathing.

Lewis Girvan continued to impress and this time he came so close to capturing the Zero G Championship if it were not for the fact that Lionheart used the ropes when he rolled up Girvan and got the three count. Lionheart is better than ever in my opinion and he is arguably one of the best champions around today. This could be a fact if he is able to walk out of Fear and Loathing still Champion.

The Zero G championship will be on the line in a Stairway to Heaven match that I believe will be a multi person ladder match. One person who will be in that match is Zack Gibson after he qualified when he made Christopher Saynt tap out when he locked the Shankley Gates.

The drastic transformation of Davey Boy was something to behold. It is becoming very clear that he is more than ready to be pushed up the card and the win over Trent Seven after interference from Wolfgang gave Davey his first victory after his change in attitude.

Joe Coffey continued to prepare for his battle with the Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle at Fear and Loathing with a match against Matt Cross. Coffey was pushed to his limit in this match and I did think that Cross may get the win but Coffey was able to hit his Discuss Lariot and got the win.

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