ICW Fear & Loathing IX Preview by Michael Airnes

On Sunday 20th November 2016, Insane Championship Wrestling will put on not only their biggest show to date, but the biggest in European wrestling history, as they invade the SSE Hydro, Glasgow. Featured in this article is a preview of all the matches that will take place on the card.

Mick Foley was meant to resume his role from last year as commissioner for the evening. Unfortunately he will no longer be able to attend. He will, however, send a replacement to make sure everything is in order. This person will be none other than WWE Superstar FINN BALOR, who will make this return to the company.

ICW World Heavyweight Championship – Steel Cage Match
Wolfgang (c) vs Trent Seven

In the main event of the evening, the ICW World Heavyweight Championship will be contested inside a steel cage, between the champion Wolfgang and Trent Seven. Wolfgang won the championship after he cashed in his Square Go contract against Joe Coffey, after Coffey had just won the title in an epic match against Big Damo. Trent Seven has vowed to roll the Trent Seven Army into the Hydro and claim the title. Who will leave the cage with the biggest prize in independant wrestling today? We will see come November 20th.

For 100% Control of ICW
Team Dallas (Chris Renfrew, Grado, Sha Samuels & DCT) vs The Black Label (Jack Jester, Kid Fite, Drew Galloway & Bram)

A feud that has been raging on for almost a year will reach its climax at the Hydro. Either Red Lightning or Mark Dallas will be the sole owner of the company.

This saga started just under a year ago after Mark Dallas made the huge announcement that this years Fear and Loathing would be staged at the SSE Hydro. Since then Dallas has been engaged in a bitter war between both Red Lightning and his group of followers, The Black Label. Throughout the year The Black Label have been terrorising ICW. Doing what they want, when they want. On November 20th it all comes to a head.

There is a lot of history between Team Dallas members Grado and Chris Renfrew. Will they be able to co-exist for the sake of ICW? Will Finn Balor get involved in the match? These questions and more will be answered at the Hydro.

ICW’s future hangs in the balance, but what side will come out on top? No matter who wins, the landscape of ICW will change forever.

Kurt Angle vs Joe Coffey

The Olympic Gold Medallist versus the Iron Man of ICW. This could easily be match of the night. Kurt Angle has worked for the top companies in the business, WWE, TNA and New Japan Pro Wrestling. He is a multiple time World Heavyweight Champion. Now, at this stage of his career, he makes his way to Insane Championship Wrestling. Standing in his way, Joe Coffey. A man who has been making a name for himself not only in the UK, but is beginning to send shockwaves throughout Europe and further afield. Known for his intense charisma and never say die attitude, the Iron Man will certainly have no fear going toe to toe with the Olympic Hero in what could certainly be match of the night.

ICW Tag Team Championship Match
Polo Promotions vs Team 3D

Polo Promotions will defend their ICW Undisputed Tag Team Championships against the legendary Team 3D. Team 3D have worked for WWE, ECW and TNA and have achievement wordwide fame and recoginiton as one of the greatest tag teams of all time. They pionerred the tables match and now they have arrived in ICW. The reigning champions, Jackie Polo and Mark Coffey have gained the reputation as one of the best tag teams in Scottish wrestling. This will be their toughest defence to date. And who knows, we may even see some tables.

ICW Women’s Championship Match
Carmel (c) vs Kay Lee Ray vs Viper

The ICW Women’s Championship will be up for grabs as Carmel defends her title in a triple threat match against Kay Lee Ray and Viper. This has the potential to be one of, if not, the best women’s match of the year in ICW. Carmel will have her work cut out for her, competing against not one, but two competitors. Kay Lee Ray has been one of the most successful female wrestlers this country has ever produced. Viper is every much on the career rise. During the Road to the Hydro tour Kay Lee Ray showed her vicious side by attacking Viper, attempting to injure her before big event. Kay Lee Ray will stop at nothing to gain the Women’s Championship. Can the Pipebomb Princess overcome the odds? Only time will tell.

ICW Zero G Championship Stairway to Heaven Match
Lionheart (c) vs Zack Gibson vs Andy Wild vs Liam Thomson vs Iestyn Rees vs Ravie Davie/Aaron Echo

Another ICW first sees Lionheart defend his ICW Zero G Championship in a Starway to Heaven match. Six competitors will compete in the ring in an elimination style match until two competitors remain. Those final two competitos will then compete under ladder match rules with the winner being crowned ICW Zero G Champion. Lionheart is lucky to still be holding the championship after being defeated on the Road to the Hydro tour. Lionheart has held the championship after defeating six other competitors at The Barrowlands. All the odds are stacked against him, but haven’t they always. The guy fought back from a near career injury to where he is now. This would certainly be the icing on the cake if he comes through this.

BT Gunn vs Stevie Boy in a Casket Match

Former best friends will end their bitter feud in ICW’s first ever Casket Match. Both men have become a mainstay in Scottish wrestling. They were once brothers, but that all came crashing down. The hatred and distain between the two is so intense. Stevie Boy has claimed that he killed The New Age Kliq. Although that is far from the case. The possibillities in the match are endless, with this being the first of its kind seen in ICW. They will battle till literary the end, as one of them is locked inside their final resting place.

Davey Blaze vs Joe Hendry
If Joe Hendry wins he gets 5 minutes in the ring with the Wee Man

The former friends and Tag Team Champions will go head to head with the stipulation that if Joe Hendry wins, he will get 5 minutes in the ring with The Wee Man. Fans were stunned when Davey turned his back on his Local Fire partner. The architect behind it all, The Wee Man. Davey has since turned into a raging, sinister, mad man. Joe will have to get past the firey Blaze to finally get his hands on The Wee Man.

Everything is in place for what is set to be a historic night for ICW, Scottish and European wrestling. Hope everyone enjoys the show.