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This was without a doubt a wonderful sight to behold as 6,000+ were in attendance and many more like myself watched via the ICW ondemand service to witness this history making event. From start to finish this show gave every Wrestling fan more than they could ask for with the tremendous performances from every single person involved. Every match had a story to it and many had very high stakes attached as well that made this show one of the best PPV’s this year in all of wrestling.

The transformation undergone by Davey Blaze since he turned his back on his former tag team partner Joe Hendry has been a very intriguing. He finally seems to realise his full potential and going into this match with the added stipulation that if Hendry lost he must leave ICW for one full year gave this beast even more incentive to rid ICW of his nemesis. The battle started straight after another of Joe Hendry’s very entertaining customised entrances these two did justice to the opening match and got the crowd even more lively with this intense contest. After many high impact moves and lots of near falls, Joe Hendry was able to hit the Freak Of Nature (a fall away slam) off the top rope and defeat Davey. The other stipulation attached to this match was that if Hendry won he would get The Wee Man, the manager of Davey Blaze, in the ring for five minutes. Well he didn’t get five but he extacted some revenge from the pint sized loud mouth and delivered a Freak of Nature to The Wee Man.

As I was beginning to watch the triple threat match between Viper, Kay Lee Ray and Carmel on demand, my nine year old daughter came walking in to the room. Now she is a wrestling fan (not your usual nine year old she loves Lucha Underground), I have taken her to a couple of local family wrestling shows and at one they had Kay Lee Ray, Viper and Carmel on the card and, of course, she fell in love with all three so, of course, when she saw these three heroines that she adores in the ring there was no way she was going to leave the room. So she sat with me and we were blown away as three of the best female wrestlers in the world put on a tremendous triple threat match with all three women putting their bodies on the line to be called Champion. The only disappointment my daughter suffered was when the match ended she wanted more. Then she actually said ‘I could watch those three fight every day and not get bored’ and also she wants too know where she can get a Viper T Shirt? So like my daughter, and many others, I thought this was a great championship match and I was pleased to see Kay Lee Ray win the title on this grand stage.

The Casket Match between Stevie Boy and BT Gunn was a great way to end a feud between these two or is this the end? I’m not sure this will be the last time we see these two foes do battle as after they both punished each other with great viciousness to the point were either could of been victorious it was Kay Lee Ray who was the deciding factor and helped her boyfriend get BT Gunn in to the casket and close the lid. Who knows when we will see BT again but I’m sure Stevie will be haunted by this battle with him until the two meet again.

When you are putting on a show of this magnitude it is a very good idea to get a few big names that more casual wrestling fans know and you will end up getting more eyeballs on your product and who better than the most decorated tag team in the history of pro wrestling The Dudley Boyz aka Team 3D (I have never liked that name so for this review I will refer to them as the Mother F*cking Dudley Boyz!!) This the sort of match I was expecting a Hardcore brawl between all four competitors the typical match that you would see from The Dudley Boyz back in ECW. But the best tag team in the history of ECW had a tough task against the best tag team in the history of ICW Polo Promotions. Coffey and Polo took everything these two legends could dish out and delivered just as much punishment back to the greatest tag team of all time. Just when it seemed bleak for Polo Promotions and The Dudley Boyz were about to hit Mark Coffey with a 3D it seem Jackie Polo was able to distract Bubba and just in time to get him away from completing their finisher. Then Polo took out Bubba with a stiff chair shot and scoop slammed D-Von on to the chair and was able to score the pinfall to everyone’s surprise.

There was a nice nostalgic spot after the last match as Davey and The Wee Man interrupted the Dudleyz endorsing Polo Promotions and Davey got put through a table for his troubles for everyone’s enjoyment.

The Stairway to Heaven match was changed by Foley via video feed and Kenny Williams joined Aaron Echo, Liam Thomson, Zack Gibson, Andy Wild and, Zero G Champion, Lionheart and of course the rivalry between the champ and Kenny was the story that ended in this contest as these two were the final two men left after the other five had been eliminated after they all really impressed me, especially Aaron Echo who caught my eye, he really had a great showing for his first big show. The story that started at last years Fear and Loathing had another chapter added to it as finally the hero was able to overcome a great villain in Lionheart, he really has been a great Zero G Champion possibly the best ever. Now it is the turn of ‘The Bollocks’ Kenny Williams to prove that he can be an even better champion than Lionheart like he proved in this match that he was the better man on this night and what a moment for him to have that he so rightly deserved.

A very popular name in wrestling at the moment is Ricochet and rightly so he is a one of a kind amazing athlete that can shock you with his skills every time he steps inside a wrestling ring. On this night however he was met by arguably the hottest young prospect to come out of Scotland. Lewis Girvan has the moniker ‘The Best Young Wrestler’ after making Ricochet tap out he has more than earned that title. He not only beat Ricochet but he matched him every step of the way and was not phased by the occasion or his opponent at any stage of this battle. I’m positive I’m not the only one that sees big things for Girvan he is a name that will be on the lips of many wrestling fans for many years from now on.

So then came the title match and it seemed Trent Seven did not want to wait for the champion Wolfgang to get into the steel cage as Trent dove threw the ropes and out of the cage door and nailed Wolfgang. The two then brawl around the outside of the cage. They finally made their way up and over the cage and the bell rang when both men had touched down inside the cage. This was a vicious title match as both dished out insane amounts of punishment to each other. Wolfgang seemed to have the match won when he sulpexed Trent from the top of the steel cage, leaving Trent a crumpled heap in the middle of the ring Wolfgang began his ascent to the top of the cage but before he could climb out he was caught by Trent, who had Wolfgang’s knuckle duster in his tights after Wolfgang had dropped them earlier in the match. The two brawled on top of the cage, maybe it was a rush of adrenaline or maybe he got lost in the moment but for some reason Trent nailed Wolfgang with the knuckle duster and that shot knocked Wolfgang of fthe top of the cage through two tables and he hit the floor winning the match as his feet hit the floor and he technically escaped the cage first.

The match with the most stakes was next as team ICW and Team Black Label battled for full ownership of ICW. This was nothing more than chaotic and keeping track of everything going on in the match was impossible. Then it came down to Renfrew and Galloway as everyone else had been eliminated and it seemed Drew had the upper hand after Jester and Galloway double teamed him. I think Galloway, being more interested in hurting Mark Dallas,  cost him and his team the match. He was instructed by Jester to concentrate on beating Renfrew but he ignored his friend and even shoved him that gave Jester enough incentive to leave ringside. Then Galloway was just about to deliver a Future Shock DDT to Dallas but he was halted by the enforcer for Fear and Loathing Finn Balor, who came to the ring but he did not notice that Jester had followed him to the ring and then he realised he was surrounded by the two most dangerous men in ICW. Then came the shock of the night as Jack Jester turned his back on his best friend and the whole of The Black Label as he handed Finn his steel sex toy and Finn struck Drew in the mid section. This gave Chris Renfrew the perfect opportunity to hit Galloway with a Stone Cold Stonner and scored the pinfall and finally Mark Dallas had full control of his company once again and with that his first action was to fire former 50% owner Red Lightning.

The Iron Man Joe Coffey had earned the right to be in the main event of this years Fear and Loathing as he as been the standout performer this year and he continued his reign on top as he came up against the best wrestler of all time Kurt Angle. Kurt is still as good as he has ever been and he pushed the Iron Man to his limits and beyond that. But somehow Joe Coffey proved why he is one of the best in the UK after he was able to make the Olympic Gold Medalist tap out while he had him locked in a Boston Crab.

I think after winning the main event Joe will now be looking for a rematch for the World title against Wolfgang, but on this night I think there was more than one man that proved he is more than ready for a shot like Renfrew, Sha, Grado, Stevie, Joe Hendry and Trent. I think Wolfgang has got his hands full as he will try to keep the title in his grasp and he will have a near impossible task of holding on to the title when ICW return to the Hydro next year for Fear and Loathing X, I think we finally should attend ICW for their the tenth annual show, so see you in Glasgow next year.

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