The Life of Smith: Fade to Blackridge – Joker’s Are Wild Preview


This Saturday sees yours truly make his debut for Blackridge Wrestling, a West Lothian-based promotion that will be hosting their ‘Jokers Are Wild’ tag team tournament at the Craig Inn Community Centre in Bathgate. The concept of ‘Jokers Are Wild’ is that the 16 participants will be randomly drawn into tag teams and those tag teams will face off against each other in a tournament format, with the winners of the tournament becoming number one contenders to a new Blackridge Wrestling Championship that will be introduced in the near future.

photo credit Blackridge Wrestling
photo credit Blackridge Wrestling

I have already had my say in regards to this tournament (the promo can be found on the Lucian Maynard Smith Facebook page) and it will be interesting to see who I will be aligned with and who I will be against. There is an abundance of possibilities and below I have listed five possible partners and opponents for me this Saturday (in alphabetical order).

photo credit Graeme Gilchrist
photo credit Graeme Gilchrist

1. Brandon Adams – I have faced Brandon twice this year, once in a one-on- one contest in Livingston and another in a triple threat match which also included Kaiden King. Since his change of attitude, Brandon has been on a role, having defeated US wrestler Jigsaw, UK wrestling veteran Johnny Storm and recently Irish wrestler Bingo Balance, as well as recruiting The Alpha Male as an enforcer. He would be an interesting tag partner and on the flipside, I would not mind a rematch against him.

photo credit Graeme Gilchrist
photo credit Graeme Gilchrist

2. The Alpha Male – Once upon a time, myself and Alpha were a part of the short-lived ‘Bang Tidy Britain’ alliance alongside our manager Contessa Gwen, before our run came to an abrupt end and all three of us went our separate ways. Since then, I have continued to wrestle up and down the country and Alpha has been dominant as the SSW Hardcore Champion. Several months ago, I attempted to reform our alliance but was assaulted in my attempt in doing so. Alpha would be a good partner due to his brute force and power, but I do not forgive and forget very easily and I do not know if I can fully trust the mammoth of a man known as ‘The Alpha Male.’

photo credit Graeme Gilchrist
photo credit Graeme Gilchrist

3. Dave Jeremi – The current SPWO UK Champion and a former SSW Tag Team Champion. Dave recently called yours truly out over social media and in a response to my promo. We have clashed before in battle royales (including one where he eliminated the debuting W3L prospect ‘The Tormentor’ Jamie Jones) and in a tag team contest for W3L in October, where Johnny Lions and I retained our tag team titles. I can see him wanting a rematch against yours truly, but he will need to work with me and my infinite wisdom if we are to be tag team partners.


4. Mikey Ratings – The current SSW Worlds Champion, having beaten Kaiden King at SSW’s ‘Regal Rumble’ event this month. The 7 foot giant is someone I have next to no history with, but it would most certainly be interesting teaming with, or facing someone that is taller than me. It would also be interesting to see what would happen if him and Kaiden King were to either team or face each other, given the rivalry they have had in SSW.

photo credit David J Wilson
photo credit David J Wilson

5. Johnathan Richards – I am a big fan of Mr Johnathan Richards. I love his presence, personality and opinions. A lot of fans of SSW and various other UK wrestling promotions might think otherwise, but shame on them. I can see myself and Richards being a tremendous example of ‘consensus ad idem’ (the meeting of the minds) and making things great again, in the same way Johnathan’s pal Donald Trump will make America great again. What a chap.

So there you have it. Five possible tag team partners for Lucian Maynard Smith and given the unpredictability of the Jokers Are Wild tournament, possible opponents too. More information in regards to the show itself can be found on the Blackridge Wrestling Facebook page and on their Twitter. Tickets can also be purchased from This will be my debut for the company and next week’s blog will explore the events that occurred that day. Until then, that is the Life of Smith. Good day.

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