ICW Fight Club 02/12/16 Review | Universal Wrestling Reviews

The 100% owner of ICW Mark Dallas and his gang of misfits continued the party after his team was victorious over The Black Label at Fear and Loathing IX but before Dallas could make his way out to the ring the nephews of, now fired, Red Lightning were in the ring begging for their jobs only to be greeted by Chris Renfrew who took out both with two Stunners and even allowing Simon Cassidy to hit one (but the first attempt was probably the worst stunner in history) luckily Ring announcer ‘Champagne’ Simon Cassidy was awarded another attempt and executed a much better stunner this time.

Dallas and the rest of his crew came to the ring and they were all absolutely steaming drunk. Dallas proceeded to fire The Rich Kids of Instagram except for Aaron Echo who impressed everyone at Fear and Loathing including Mark Dallas, he was allowed to keep his job on one condition that being him taking out his now former team mates Echo did not hesitate for a second and punished both and they were then immediately fired by Mark Dallas.

Then came the appearance of ICW Champion Wolfgang who voiced his reasons as to why The Black Label should of been victorious. His main gripe was that Renfrew’s arm hit the mat 3 times but like Thomas Keirans explained that is just a way to check when a wrestler is not responding verbally and as Renfrew was able to communicate the match continued. Then we saw a video package of a distraught Drew Galloway who was questioning everything that happened from the Renfrew’s arm dropping to the interference of Finn Balor and of course his friend Jack Jester turning on him and costing The Black Label the match.

Out of nowhere came Bram who nailed everyone with a chair shot then punched a very brave Chris Toal who had the bollocks to stand up to Bram. Then Bram went for Dallas and just as he was about to take his frustrations out on The Boss, out came Jester who swung for Bram with his Sex Toy, but Bram was able to escape the ring and left via the crowd.

The Black Label may of lost and Red Lightning may be gone but this war is far from over by the looks of things.

Two matches took place on this card to decide a new number one contender for the Zero G Championship. Andy Wild withstood a lot of punishment from Nathan Cruz and he was able to defeat the cocky Cruz when he was attempting to humiliate Wild, it cost him as Andy Wild was able to hit a sit out powerbomb and beat the well travelled ‘Show Stealer’ Nathan Cruz to move one step closer to becoming the number one contender for the Zero G Championship however he would have to defeat the winner of the next contest to be called the number one contender.

After his victory over Ricochet at Fear and Loathing IX there are not many arguing that Lewis Girvan is the Best Young Wrestler In The World. On this night he only cemented that by defeating a very impressive Chris Ridgeway in a hard fought battle. There were moments that it seemed Ridgeway would be moving on to face Andy Wild but Girvan would not be denied and when he locked in his Peacemaker submission hold it was all over.

Another outstanding performance from Fear and Loathing was that of the leader of The Filthy Generation, Stevie Boy, who was able to defeat his nemesis BT Gunn in a Casket Match. On this show Stevie continued his winning ways as he was able to defeat ‘The Local Hero’ Joe Hendry, but not without help from some old pals. It seems the feud between Hendry and Davey Blaze is far from over as both The Wee Man and Blaze aided their former Bucky Boy partner to defeat Joe Hendry.

Is this a reunion of sorts or maybe just an opportunity for both to further themselves in their quests for glory? I think a reformed Bucky Boys with the attitude both Stevie and Davey have found could be one of, if not the, most dangerous team in ICW.

Former Zero G Champion Lionheart attempted to win back the belt that he lost at Fear and Loathing to Kenny Williams. This was another classic to add to the others they have had over the last year in what has been one of the best feuds in wrestling this year.

Lionheart pulled out every move in his arsenal but he could not find a way to defeat ‘The Bollocks’ Kenny Williams and after Williams connected with his Quiff Buster DDT the man from Hill Valley retained his title in his first defence. Williams sent a message via a backstage promo to anyone who thinks they are the best high flyer, Super Junior etc…and that message was that if they want to call themselves the best they will have to come to ICW and face him before they can claim that they are the best.

Some old feuds continued and new ones began this show was the starting point of a new era in ICW one that could change the fate of everyone involved this will be one hell of a ride to Fear and Loathing X if this show is anything to go by.

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