ICW Fight Club 09/12/16 Review | Universal Wrestling Reviews

This was another very entertaining show at The Garage in Glasgow. There was everything you could ask for from a wrestling show with brawls, babes, babes brawling and barrels of laughter from anyone who got to watch this show.

The opening was something you have to watch to believe as DCT, Davey Blaze and ‘The King Of Dong Style’ Joey Ryan went at it in a Three Way. There were some very creative moves mainly involving their ‘Dongs’ and when they had each other’s ‘Dongs’ in a claw Davey Blaze sold this with comedic genius, the look on his face was priceless as was his reactions in this match, as were some of the crowd chants like ‘Davey likes too watch’ (Bravo to whoever came up with that one it was hilarious and timed to perfection). When all three men passed out from the pain of the claws the lights went out and The Godfather made his first appearance in ICW, as always, he had a Ho Train accompanying him.

He gave every man in the match their choice of women but Blaze was a bit to aggressive with one of the girls. This did not please Godfather so he took out Blaze and scored a pinfall and was declared the winner of the match.

The party got started as Joey Ryan, DCT, Coach Trip, The Godfather and the Hoes began dancing in the ring and they took the party to the back where it continued all night.

A promo from Polo Promotions about how they have dominated the tag division in ICW and their statement that there is no one left for them to beat was firstly interrupted by The Rich Kids of Instagram. Both had been fired the week before and they had a plan to win the tag titles that way they would still have a job in ICW. Unfortunately for The Rich Kids they got the match and it did not last as long as they would of hoped. One was scooped slammed and the other was hoisted up twice and both times received devastating blows. The second a German Suplex ended the match with Jackie Polo using one foot to pin The Rich Kid. Once they were done with the slight interruption Polo Promotions continued on with their statement about having no challengers and Jackie told everyone how underrated Mark Coffey is and I agree he could be a main event guy in any promotion tomorrow. I would love to see Mark Coffey and Joe Coffey battle for the ICW title at a big show I think that would be amazing. Once both Jackie and Mark had finished the promo and doing their trademark catchphrase they were jumped from behind and beaten down viciously by Bird and Boar. The two Welshmen wanted another shot after they claimed they were screwed in the previous encounter with Polo Promotions and they believe they are the rightful tag team champions.

Former tag team partners Sha Samuels and Kid Fite were scheduled to have a match but their hatred for each other had them fighting all over the building, giving the ref no choice but to throw out the match. We did see the two again before the main event as they brawled back through the crowd after brawling all through the confines of The Garage in Glasgow. When Kid Fite finally managed to get away from The East End Butcher he was challenged to a Falls Count Anywhere Match in the future. Maybe this match will be the end in this feud. I think Sha is doing a fantastic job as a face and he is over with the fans. I think he could be a contender for a title shot in the future.

The party continued in the back as Godfather poured shots for Dallas, DCT, Renfrew, Coach Trip, Chris Toal and The Hoes but the fun was momentarily stopped by Viper who wanted to know why her husband had not invited her to join in with the fun.

The fun was short lived for Viper as she challenged Kay Lee Ray for the ICW Women’s Championship. I was shocked with the way Kay Lee Ray went about winning the match hitting four Gory Bombs, one into a turnbuckle, one on the outside with Viper’s head hitting the ring edge and then two in the ring. The last was too much for Viper and Kay Lee Ray retained her title. The two had to be pulled apart after the match as KLR taunted Viper who flipped out and brawled with her.

The main event was a chance for Bram to extract a measure of revenge from Jack Jester after Jack turned on The Black Label at Fear and Loathing IX. This was a hardcore battle between these two and it seemed Jester would defeat Bram, until he was distracted by the entrance music of Galloway, just as he was about to dent the skull of Bram with his giant metal sex toy. This was a perfect opportunity for Bram to hit Jester with a low blow and Impaler DDT for the win. Galloway appeared on the screen and sent a message to Jester then told Bram to finish him but he was stopped from hitting a third Piledriver by Chris Renfrew, DCT, Aaron Echo, Joe Hendry and Mark Dallas who chased Bram out of the ring and through the crowd. Then came a very emotional embrace between Dallas and Jester that was a perfect way to end a perfect show.

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