The Life of Smith: Class In Session With A Class Act

Last Saturday, I attended a 1 day training camp courtesy of The Reckless Intent Pro Wrestling School, with British wrestling legend Frank ‘Chic’ Cullen (also known to Stampede Wrestling fans as Robbie Stewart). Chic has been involved in professional wrestling for the last 40 years and is someone that I briefly met at a W3L show in Grangemouth. Once again, I would be making the 1+ hour journey from Fife to Livingston and aside from a brief Fife traffic jam (multiple cars being stuck behind a tractor on the A92) and some slight confusion regarding the entrances and exits of certain roads in Livingston, it was a decent journey and the roads were mercifully quiet.

The camp was well attended, with attendees being a mixture of students and active wrestlers on the Scottish wrestling scene. Len Ironside, a former wrestler in his own right and an Aberdeen councillor was also in attendance, overseeing the events taking place during the seminar.

I was nursing some lower back pain going into the camp, after suffering a rather bad fall a few weeks ago, so some aspects of the warm-up were a bit of a struggle to me. My lower back pain is one of those strange things where I don’t feel it that much when I am wrestling or at the gym, but I am feeling it when I am having a ‘rest’ day or not doing anything active. Despite this slight set-back, I wanted to give what I could to the camp.

The camp started off with going over some fundamentals, before moving onto some British-style sequences and more high-impact moves. The importance of fundamentals was emphasised and it was explained that regardless of where you wrestle and/or what language your opponent speaks, they will have the fundamentals and wrestling is ultimately a universal language. As an advocate of the style, I welcomed the British-style sequences and they will most certainly be put into practice when I get the chance again, as well as the fundamentals that were instructed also.

One of the main benefits I got from the camp was developing more confidence in power moves, such as Spinebusters and Sidewalk Slams. My career has seen me go from skinny to skinny fat to a more respectable build, so I have not really included power moves in my repertoire. As I look to further advance my build, there is no reason why I should not introduce these moves into my repertoire and you could very well see me throwing people about at a show near you very soon!

The camp concluded with some exhibition matches, with myself and Dave Conrad facing ‘The Headbanders’ Rob Mills and Jackie Grady. Before this match, I had not wrestled with or against any of these three outside of training drills and sequences, but I knew Dave from being on the same bill as him at W3L shows and I knew Rob and Jackie were a team at Reckless Intent. I felt that myself and Dave had some good tag chemistry and I was happy with how the match went.

photo credit Reckless Intent
Chic was complimentary towards the match and it was interesting to hear certain aspects of ring psychology from him also. The camp was another tremendous learning experience courtesy of Reckless Intent, a company that is growing year by year and has a great training facility also. I look forward to training with them again and putting what I have learned into further practice. Next week’s blog will explore the events that took place at a Sunday afternoon show in Dalkeith recently and I will also preview W3L’s Pettycur Bay show taking place on 28th December. Until then, that is The Life Of Smith. Good day.

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