Adam’s Top 10…Most Improved 2016

On this week’s top 10, I’ll be counting down who I think are the top 10 wrestlers to have improved over the last 12 months in a continuation of my countdown towards 2017 series.

Honourable mentions;
Lucha DS
Ian Ambrose
Sara-Marie Taylor
Sammii Jayne

10. Kaden Garrick

Kaden Garrick has made a huge impact since his debut at the 2014 Regal Rumble. Spearing his way through the competition, Kaden has been impressive in his short wrestling career thus far. 2016 saw him become WrestleZone Tag Team Champions alongside Mr P for the second time but then things immediately turned sour. He lost those titles to Sterling Oil in August, which also saw him be pinned for the first time in his over 2 year career. From there, he went on a losing streak and was eliminated from the Tri-Counties Title Tournament in the first round. At WrestleZone’s final show of the year, Christmas Chaos, Kaden was again defeated by Sterling Oil which prevented him from teaming with Mr P ever again. Kaden finally snapped afterwards, and turned his back on P. It may sound like he’s had a bad year, but he’s gotten better with each minute he has inside the squared circle, hence why he makes the list.

9. Jason Reed

I’ve only seen Jason Reed wrestle once, and that was earlier this month. As soon as I got home from that show (which was WrestleZone Christmas Chaos), I instantly watched more of his work on YouTube. I was hooked. At first, I wasn’t a fan but as the match wore on, I became highly invested in the youngster. His dropkick rivals the dropkick of Dolph Ziggler, that’s how good it is. If there’s a local show in your area and Jason Reed’s in action, make sure you’re in attendance.

8. Christopher Saynt

Christopher Saynt debuted his new House of Saynt gimmick at ICW Shug’s Hoose Party III at the end of July, which went down a charm. Since then, he’s brought the HoS to Discovery Wrestling, where Theo Doros and Lou King Sharp (billed as Lewis Sharp) joined the ranks. Saynt seemingly loves what he’s doing and has certainly found himself gimmick-wise. Will there be anyone else wanting to become part of the House of Saynt when 2017 rolls around.

7. Bryan Tucker

Bryan Tucker decided to step away from professional wrestling ever since Shawn Johnson turned on him late last year. In a shocking moment for WrestleZone, Tucker returned at the Regal Rumble on March 26th to prevent Johnson from winning this year’s Rumble match. His new attire, his new wrestling style, his new ‘does what he wants’ attitude while still maintaining a friendly relationship with the fans. Tucker will be one to look out for in 2017 with his rivalry against Shawn Johnson seemingly behind him.

6. Zach Dynamite

After returning from a two-year absence due to injury earlier this summer, Zach Dynamite has shown the injury didn’t set him back. In his matches since (which hasn’t been that many, surprisingly), he’s been flying around the ring and looks to be having the time of his life. In 2017, Zach will wrestle in the quarterfinals of a 16-man tournament to crown the inaugural WrestleZone Tri-Counties Champion. Will Dynamite finally pick up the first gold of his career?

5. Stevie Boy/Stevie Xavier

Stevie Boy/Xavier is one of the most decorated wrestlers in Scottish wrestling. A competitor known mainly for tag team wrestling, Stevie is not shy to holding singles gold aswell. The leader of the Filthy Generation has really excelled in 2016 after seperating from The New Age Kliq back in February. Now looking out just for himself, Stevie is back on track to hunting the championship gold. After his match of the year contender with Wolfgang for the ICW World Heavyweight Title earlier this month, Stevie has shown he has what it takes to be champion. Who knows, maybe he’ll win the 2017 Square Go?

4. Aaron Echo

PBW Academy standout Aaron Echo has impressed me ever since he stepped foot inside a wrestling ring for the first time. Never failing to show himself off to fans, Echo has made a name for himself up and down the Scottish wrestling scene, even earning himself a spot on the card for ICW Fear & Loathing IX back in November. Having apparently seperated himself from Austin Osiris and Kyle Khaos in The Rich Kids of Instagram, now’s the time for all the attention to be on Aaron Echo.

3. Crusher Craib

Crusher Craib is a former 2-time Undisputed WrestleZone Champion and 3-time Regal Rumble winner, including this year’s bout. Even though he’s achieved these things, he continues to prove that it’s possible to improve even after all the success. Unfortunately, the big man picked up quite a serious injury to his hip while facing Scotty Swift in the main event of Aberdeen Anarchy that has caused him to miss several months of his career. As we head into the new year, Crusher is still on the shelf but when he comes back, I’m certain he’ll continue the same wave of momentum he had in early 2016.

2. Shawn Johnson

Shawn Johnson is a man that likely isn’t that well known in Scottish wrestling. However, he’s made a vast improvement since Sterling Oil on November 14th last year. With his new brash attitude and ever expanding moveset, he needs to be seen more. He’d do great in companies like Pro Wrestling Elite, Rock’N’Wrestle and Discovery Wrestling (he’s debuted there, but needs to return). I’m going to start it now; #BookShawnJohnson.

1. Andy Wild

Andy Wild has had a huge resurgence this year, returning to the ICW Zero-G division. He’s been making a name for himself up and down the country, proving why they call him Unstoppable. Andy was the man to end the 525-day reign of Scotty Swift as Undisputed Champion back at Halloween Hijinx at the end of October, something that so many tried and failed to do. The Englishman has had such a stellar year, so surely 2017 will be the year of Andy Wild.

That’s it for another top 10. I’ll be taking another break from the lists as we head into the festive season but will be back some time in 2017!