A Cheeky Interview with Jason Reed

Photo credit Darren Wyllie

Separate from the OSWtv Meets… series, we chatted with the popular up and comer Jason Reed as he heads to Pettycur Bay for W3L Wrestling Showdown on December 28th. He teams with the ‘Super Wrestling Entertainment System’ Kevin Williams as Gainz N Games to take on the W3L Tag Team Champions, The Noble Lions, with the titles on the line.

12 months ago, not many wrestling fans would have been aware of the name Jason Reed, the Fife grappler from the W3L Action Academy was plunged into the deep end when he made his W3L debut in a tag team championship match with Kevin Williams. Though defeated, the fans took to the Nando’s loving Reed who quickly became a regular on W3L’s Wrestling Showdown events. He was voted second in the OSWtv Year End Awards as One To Watch for 2016 and makes our list of the ones to watch for 2017.

We caught up with Jason as he embarks on one of the most important matches of his short career as he looks to gain gold for the first time.

For those unaware, tell us a little bit about Jason Reed, how did you get started in professional wrestling?

I’d say it’s pretty similar to everyone else; I loved watching wrestling growing up, and still do, I used to wrestle with my friends in their back garden when we were at school. I always said I was going to find a wrestling school and start training. I heard about the W3L Action Academy in the summer of 2014 and started training there around August of that year. I was trained by Mike Musso, Sara Marie-Taylor and Nathan Reynolds, I still train with them on a weekly basis just now.

Have there been any influences in how you’ve approached your in ring style, wrestlers that you’ve admired or found beneficial to your training?

I admire lots of wrestlers which have influenced my wrestling style, I really like Dolph Ziggler’s work and aim to copy a lot of his style whether it’s his flying forearms, swinging neck breakers or super kicks. Also training with Sara for coming on 3 years, I’ve also somehow managed to steal most of her move-set, so we share a lot of the same moves now too!

With only being in your first 12 months of professional wrestling, you have already been making your presence known in W3L, Discovery Wrestling and WrestleZone. Are there any particular highlights that you’ve had this year that have made it extra ‘cheeky’?

I’ve been very lucky to have worked in as many places as I have inside my first year in wrestling – there’s been so many highlights! From wrestling on almost every W3L show this year, to wrestling in front of a sold out Edinburgh Corn Exchange, to becoming a regular roster member at Wrestlezone. It’s been such a highlight filled year, I’ve enjoyed every minute of it – and that’s without all the laughs we have on the road travelling to different towns and shows up and down the country!

Your part of the tag team Gainz N Games with Kevin Williams, how did this tag team come about?

I hadn’t debuted at this time and was training at the W3L Action Academy, Kevin Williams had a shot at the W3L Tag Team Championships but didn’t have a tag partner. He dropped by the Action Academy to look for one and bumped into Jason Reed! He picked me to help him face The Contingency Plan, unfortunately we weren’t victorious – hopefully we can right that wrong on Wednesday 28th.

You both have an opportunity to end 2016 as W3L Tag Team Champions when you face Lucian Maynard Smith and Johnny Lions, The Nobel Lions, on December 28th at Pettycur Bay. How does it feel to be walking into the lion’s den (so to speak) with the chance at championship gold to the victor?

Wednesday night is going to be a very tough match for us both, Johnny Lions and Lucian Maynard-Smith are both very dangerous in the ring, they’ve been undefeated since beating The Coffeys for the titles back in September. But, this is our chance finally to get our hands on tag team gold before the year is over…we beat The Noble Lions back in June (I jetted off to Magaluf straight after it!) so I think we have their number!

To move away from your title match for a moment, you’ve faced some excellent wrestlers over the last year. Do you have any favourite matches from this year or any opponents that you’ve enjoyed working with?

Again there’s been so many fun matches and great opponents I’ve had this year. Wrestling Joe E Legend for the W3L Heavyweight Championship last month was a great experience and I really had fun bringing my all to him and ALMOST managed to nick the title…maybe next time! It’s always a great learning curve to work with someone who’s worked with WWE and travelled the world for such a long time.

Onto 2017, is there anyone that you’d like to face or any goals that you’d like to achieve during the year?

I’m dying to work with Sara in the ring, whether it’s on opposite sides or the same side – it would be great fun and I could definitely learn a lot. She really is one of the most underrated out there. I want to double the amount of matches I had this year, work for twice as many promotions, challenge for titles and work toward becoming the best and busiest I can be.

Back to December 28th, The Noble Lions defeated The Coffey Brothers to win the W3L Tag Team Championships back at Wrestlution, have you been studying their matches to work out a strategy and to find any weaknesses?

It’s always hard to find a minute where Williams and I are free, I’m either at Nando’s getting my spice on or he’s playing the latest Nintendo-Super-thing-whatever-it’s-called game! We’ve done our research though…you could be looking at the new W3L tag team champions!

If our readers want to find out more about Jason Reed or support you, where can they catch you online?

I’m on twitter @jasonreedxo, facebook is http://facebook.com/jasonreedwrestling, online merchandise store is http://jasonreed.bigcartel.com for all the latest merch, and finally and enquiries can contact me at bookjase@gmail.com

And finally, the most important question, what is your usual Nando’s order?

It’s got to be a starter of humous with pita bread and peri drizzle to wake the taste buds up. Fire straight into a medium double chicken wrap (I’m not hard enough to up it to hot yet…I’m working on it!) with a side of peri chips and cheesy garlic bread… don’t forget the perinaise!

On a night of championship defenses, Gainz N Games versus The Noble Lions joins Nathan Reynolds defending the W3L Heavyweight Championship against Joe Coffey and Sara Marie-Taylor defending the W3L Women’s Championship against Debbie Sharpe. A Championship Showdown in time for the New Year where the whole landscape of W3L could change.

Tickets are still available at www.W3LWrestling.com and you can save 20% on tickets by using the discount count FACEBOOK courtesy of the W3L Facebook page.