OSWtv Year End Awards 2016: Possible Contenders

It’s getting closer and closer to the opening of the OSWtv Year End Awards vote. On January 1st the voting will open where YOU choose the winners. 2016 has been a huge year for Scottish professional wrestling and it will be hard to narrow down just one favourite. So here are a couple suggestions to get your brain ticking brought to you by some of our admins/writers from the OSWtv website and Facebook page.

-Wrestler of the Year (Male)-

Billy (@VoiceOfOSW): Joe Coffey. Continuing to put in incredible matches wherever he goes, Joe finally captured the ICW World Heavyweight Championship at Shug’s Hoose Party III only to have it taken away by the Square Go cash in of Wolfgang minutes later. He’s wrestled for the Ring of Honor Heavyweight Championship in Discovery Wrestling against Jay Lethal, faced Tommasso Ciampa in one of his last independent dates for the same promotion and made Kurt Angle submit in front of over 6000 people in The SSE Hydro at ICW Fear & Loathing IX. An SWA Heavyweight Championship win in the annual Battlezone was the icing on the cake for an amazing year.

Kyle (@KyleWattUK): Stevie Xavier – Stevie has really come into his own this year. Since the split of the Bucky Boys last year, Stevie has really been able to flourish as a singles competitor. Having a great series of matches with BT Gunn, culminating in a Casket Match at Fear and Loathing IX, it’s been a great year for Stevie.

Andy (@WrestleRopesUK): Joe Coffey

Adam (@adammorrison40): 1. Joe Coffey/2. BT Gunn/3. Andy Wild

Kevin (@OSWtvKev): Joe Coffey

-Wrestler of the Year (Female)-

Billy (@VoiceOfOSW): Kay Lee Ray. A hard working year for female wrestlers with last year’s winner Nikki Storm bowing out to head to NXT, leaving after a fantastic match with Sammii Jayne, who was a contender for my choice as was Viper but Kay Lee Ray capped off a good year with winning the ICW Women’s Championship for the first time.

Kyle (@KyleWattUK): Kay Lee Ray – Well they really are the power couple huh… KLR has had an amazing year! After having her first tour of Stardom sadly cut short at the beginning of the year, KLR had a great showing in the 5 STAR Grand Prix and competed for the World of Stardom Title. As if that wasn’t enough, she has had several great matches for SHIMMER in America. Back home KLR has had a stand out year which was punctuated by winning the ICW Women’s Championship at Fear and Loathing IX.

Andy (@WrestleRopesUK): Viper

Adam (@adammorrison40): 1. Kay Lee Ray/2. Viper/3. Sammii Jayne

Kevin (@OSWtvKev): Kay Lee Ray

-Tag Team of the Year-

Billy (@VoiceOfOSW): Sterling Oil. They returned in 2015 with a bang and in August they finally recaptured the WrestleZone Tag Team Championships after they won a six man tag team ladder match as Aberdeen Anarchy to earn them the title shot. With William Sterling injured and The Freebird Rule in effect, we’ve got to see the fantastic pairing of Alan Sterling and Shawn Johnson defending the titles successfully. Sitting in my armchair I’d love to see Alan and Shawn continue to team regularly even when William returns as they are a very effective and efficient team.

Kyle (@KyleWattUK): Polo Promotions – Has to be Polo Promotions. In my opinion they are the best tag team in Europe and one of the best in the World. Having great matches all year, picking back up the ICW Tag Team Titles and successfully defending them against Team 3D (making them look like amateurs in the process).

Andy (@WrestleRopesUK): Polo Promotions

Adam (@adammorrison40): 1. Polo Promotions/2. The Kings of Catch/3. The Local Fire

Kevin (@OSWtvKev): Polo Promotions

-Import of the Year-

Billy (@VoiceOfOSW): Finn Balor. There were so many choices this year from Jay Lethal, Colt Cabana, Kurt Angle, but I opted for a guy who many didn’t think we’d see back. Finn Balor is a contracted WWE RAW Superstar, on November 20th he was the special enforcer at ICW Fear & Loathing IX as the replacement for current WWE RAW General Manager Mick Foley. A former ICW Zero G Champion, Balor had returned and was making good on his final words that it wasn’t goodbye it was see you later. Balor got involved in the finish of Team Dallas vs Team Black Label leading to Mark Dallas regaining 100% of his company. It made the historic night in the Hydro a little more historic.

Kyle (@KyleWattUK): Matt Cross – ‘Son of Havoc’ has been a big name in ICW this year, when Cross steps into the Garage you can just tell he loves it. Having great series with Joe Coffey and a fantastic match with Big Damo at the beginning of the year, Cross has certainly established himself as the best import of 2016.

Adam (@adammorrison40): 1. “Broken” Matt Hardy/2. Kurt Angle/3. The Godfather

Kevin (@OSWtvKev): Ricochet

-Match of the Year-

Billy (@VoiceOfOSW): Joe Coffey vs Jay Lethal (Discovery Wrestling). Jay Lethal defended the Ring of Honor World Championship in Edinburgh back in April against Joe Coffey. Usually when the ‘big names’ come over to defend Championships it’s a forgone conclusion on who is going to be winning but this one was edge of your seat viewing, the outcome was expected but the content was wonderful.

Kyle (@KyleWattUK): Chris Renfrew vs Grado (ICW: Square Go) – Bit of a selfish choice here, I was front row for this match and I have never been so invested in my life. I’ve never felt a reaction quite as intense as when Renfrew won that match, it still gives me goose bumps to this day.

Adam (@adammorrison40): 1. Lewis Girvan vs Ricochet (ICW Fear & Loathing IX)/2. Joe Coffey vs Chris Hero (Discovery Wrestling)/3. Jay Lethal vs Joe Coffey (Discovery Wrestling)

Kevin (@OSWtvKev): Lewis Girvan vs Ricochet (ICW Fear & Loathing IX)

-Show of the Year-

Billy (@VoiceOfOSW): ICW Fear and Loathing IX. Was it a perfect show? No it wasn’t, but the achievement in selling over 6000 tickets to make it the biggest independent wrestling show in the country is very impressive. Plus it was streamed live so thousands on demand could watch the action as it happened. It included current WWE star Finn Balor, one of the greatest tag teams in professional wrestling in Team 3D, Olympic Gold Medalist and wrestling Legend Kurt Angle, Ricochet and Lewis Girvan stealing the show and so much more.

Kyle (@KyleWattUK): ICW Fear and Loathing IX. If I was going to look at pure match quality, there could be a few other events that would challenge for this one. However, wrestling is all about the spectacle, and over 6000 fans at an ICW show with Kurt Angle, Ricochet, Team 3D and current WWE superstar Finn Balor on it… now that’s a spectacle. From the production quality to the consistently solid match quality up and down the card, this is my pick hands down.

Andy (@WrestleRopesUK): ICW Fear & Loathing IX

Adam (@adammorrison40): 1. ICW Fear & Loathing IX/2. Discovery Wrestling-April/3. SWA Battlezone 2016

Kevin (@OSWtvKev): ICW Fear & Loathing IX

-Feud of the Year-

Billy (@VoiceOfOSW): Shawn Johnson vs Bryan Tucker (WrestleZone). This really kicked off at the WrestleZone Regal Rumble when Tucker returned following his self imposed retirement after Johnson turned on him at the 2015 Christmas Chaos event. After costing Shawn a chance to face Scotty Swift for the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship, Tucker wasn’t done as the former Hotshots faced each other at Aberdeen Anarchy with Tucker being victorious but Johnson having the last laugh. Following several brawls, attacks and interferences, the two collided again at Battle of the Nations in a brutal fight escalated with Johnson walking out the victor. So with one win apiece we needed to see the rubber match and it took place a year after Shawn Johnson turned on Bryan Tucker and joined Sterling Oil, Christmas Chaos 2016. A Christmas Brawl saw the possible end of this fued with Tucker powerbombing Shawn through a table.

Kyle (@KyleWattUK): ICW: Stevie Boy vs BT Gunn – These two were just born to wrestle each other. They have a great back story and make you want to see them fight. They’ve had an incredible series of matches against each other this year and ended it with a fantastic Casket match at Fear & Loathing, what more can you ask for?

Andy (@WrestleRopesUK): BT Gunn vs Stevie Boy (ICW)

Adam (@adammorrison40): 1. Team Dallas vs Team Black Label (ICW)/2. Shawn Johnson vs Bryan Tucker (WrestleZone)/3. BT Gunn vs Stevie Boy (ICW)

Kevin (@OSWtvKev): Team Dallas vs Team Black Label (ICW)

-Promotion of the Year-

Billy (@VoiceOfOSW): Discovery Wrestling. For a company so young it’s already included some top matches and even seeing the Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Championship being defended in Edinburgh when Jay Lethal faced Joe Coffey. In a year that’s see ICW pull over 6000 folk into The SSE Hydro and WrestleZone putting on consistantly great shows it was another top year for promotions which makes all these awards hard to judge. I went with Discovery Wrestling because of consitancy and them bringing over big names and giving the fans match of the year contenders at every show.

Kyle (@KyleWattUK): Discovery Wrestling – Would have been easy to say ICW here but I feel like Discovery are a real dark horse in this category. This has really been a standout year for the promotion who have put on great show after great show, bringing in some of the biggest names in the wrestling world and providing a platform for some Scottish talent who maybe don’t get a shot in promotions the size of ICW. Can easily see Discovery taking the award this year.

Andy (@WrestleRopesUK): Discovery Wrestling

Adam (@adammorrison40): 1. Insane Championship Wrestling/2. Discovery Wrestling/3. British Championship Wrestling

Kevin (@OSWtvKev): Insane Championship Wrestling

-One to Watch 2017 (Male)-

Billy (@VoiceOfOSW): Shawn Johnson. So many choices this year, I could’ve gone for Dylan Angel or Krobar, Krieger, Aaron Echo, Austin Osiris just to name a few. I could’ve went for someone who is on the cusp of greatness like Lewis Girvan, Aspen Faith or Kenny Williams. I went for a guy that is a hidden gem in WrestleZone, he appeared in Discovery Wrestling briefly and is immensely talented. Keep an eye out for Shawn Johnson in 2017.

Kyle (@KyleWattUK): Aaron Echo – This year we have got to see a wee bit of Aaron Echo (Echo Echo) in ICW but towards the end of the year he really began building some momentum. After a great showing in the Stairway To Heaven match at Fear and Loathing and against Kenny Williams and Charlie Sterling on Fight Club, it is pretty obvious that Echo is set for big things and that 2017 will be his year.

Andy (@WrestleRopesUK): Aspen Faith

Adam (@adammorrison40): 1. Jason Reed/2. Aaron Echo/3. Lewis Girvan

Kevin (@OSWtvKev): LJT

-One To Watch 2017 (Female)-

Billy (@VoiceOfOSW): Debbie Sharpe. I chose Sammii Jayne last year, who could’ve easily been my choice again for 2017 as I think she is easily the one that will fill the spot that Nikki Storm had previously occupied, but for 2017 I think the one to watch is her BAE Club hetero life mate, Debbie Sharpe. Feuding with Sammii in WrestleZone and Discovery Wrestling this year has brought out some great matches and she’s certainly getting her name out more. Popping up in ICW as Liam Thomson’s new partner for a cup of coffee got her a little bit of coverage but now it’s time to see her in the ring more and with Kay Lee Ray as Women’s Champion, hopefully there will be a renewed focus on the women’s division in ICW where Debbie can thrive.

Kyle (@KyleWattUK): Sammii Jayne – Sammii has been around for a while now and had some big marquee matches, notably her victory at Barramania in Nikki Storm’s final ICW match. Even though this is the case, there has been a lot of ‘stop/start’ booking with Sammii in several promotions. With the likes of Nikki Storm going to WWE and Carmel retiring, there are now spots for her to take and I feel like 2017 is going to be the year where we see Sammii at her best.

Andy (@WrestleRopesUK): Debbie Sharpe

Adam (@adammorrison40): 1. Lucy Cole/2. Debbie Sharpe/3. Emily Hayden

Kevin (@OSWtvKev): Sammii Jayne

Who are your picks? Anyone that you think is being missed out by the team? Comment below!