The Life of Smith: Doing The Wrestling In Dalkeith

The month of December has been relatively steady wrestling-wise for yours truly, with me wrestling three matches in one night for Blackridge Wrestling on 3 December and attending the Chic Cullen training camp on 10 December. 11 December saw me lace up the boots once again, as I found myself wrestling at the Dalkeith/Woodburn Miners Club for the first time in a long time (if memory serves me correctly, 2013 was the last time I wrestled there).

It was a relatively straightforward journey, with me being accustomed to the City Of Edinburgh Bypass having driven up and down it many times for W3L. The traffic and weather was okay too, which is always a good thing. I have memories of driving through abrupt snowfall on wrestling-related journeys and I would rather not recreate those memories!

The show itself saw myself in the opening match against SPWO UK Champion Dave Jeremi. This year (and the years that came before it) has seen me compete in numerous opening matches, with some of my favourite matches of this year being first on the bill, such as my match versus Nathan Reynolds for W3L in Elgin, as well as a recent tag team match where myself and Benedict Thatcher faced Dylan Angel and Wee Jay Smalls. This was the first time I faced Dave Jeremi one-on-one and the match got the audience going for the rest of the show. I also received some great feedback from Joe E Legend, who watched the match and gave me some great advice moving forward.

The show also included Mikey Ratings making his first SSW Worlds title defence against Joe E Legend, as well as an end of show battle royale that was won by Kaiden King. All in all, the show was well received by the audience and I found it to be an enjoyable Sunday afternoon show, with me arriving home at a decent time and feasting on a post-show takeaway and wine.

Next week sees my last show of the year take place for W3L, as they venture to Pettycur Bay Holiday Park in Kinghorn on 28th December. It has recently been announced that myself and Johnny Lions will be defending the W3L Tag Team titles against Kevin Williams and Jason Reed. The show also includes Sara defending her W3L Women’s Championship and Joe Coffey challenging Nathan Reynolds for the W3L Champioship. Tickets are available from This will be my last blog before Christmas, so I will take the time to wish the readers of this all the best for the holiday season. Next week’s blog will explore the events from W3L’s final show of the year and I will also be posting a bonus end of year blog before 2017 kicks in. Until then though, that is the life of Smith. Good day.

Lucian Maynard Smith
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