Reckless Intent Wrestling: A Year In Review 2016

by Euan Conway

I have decided to write a review of Reckless Intent Wrestling’s year as they have replaced SWA as the regular promotion I have went to see this year, I think I have only missed three of the promotions regular shows so here are a few thoughts along with some of the top moments.

For anyone new to them they are a promotion based in Livingston in the East of Scotland who started running shows in 2013. For their first year they largely used local talent and wrestlers who came out of their training school, guys like Tavish Macpherson and Saint George dominated storylines, although long term Scottish wrestling fans would recognise “The Superstar” Darren Lewis and Scott “The Butcher” Renwick. During 2014 and 2015 they started to become more noticed with wrestlers such as NXT’s Big Damo appearing for them. Last year their regular monthly shows started running from the bigger venue of Muireston Scout Hall in Livingston and attracting much bigger crowds as well as travelling fans. Previously all shows had been at their RI training centre. I first came across them in 2014 and attended my first show in 2015, I really enjoyed that first show which convinced me to attend future ones.

2016 has arguably been the breakthrough year for the promotion, before this year they may not have been well known outside Livingston. Towards the end of last year they announced they were expanding to run a new venue in Twechar, further venues have been added in Clackmannan, Moddiesburn, Cambuslang and Shotts. Their shows are now available to more fans and it should be acknowledged that all shows are suitable for families and any type of wrestling fan. They have also run separate Sunday Slam shows.

The first main show of 2016 was their annual Reckless Intent card in February which has annually been one of their biggest shows (it is not yet clear what plans are for 2017s opener). The main event from the fallout of the previous November’s Over The Top Rumble show was Michael Chase defeating Joe Hendry to win the Reckless Intent Title. This was a perfect way to start the year and Chase would lead the majority of top storylines in the company, although perhaps a bit strangely there was no Championship rematch with Hendry which I would have liked to see. The long running storyline between Chris Renfrew and Jam O’Malley which was to come to a head in a brutal hardcore match in July was also featured heavily on the first card. The companies first show in Twechar was next and drew their biggest crowd to date of over 300.

One of the main strengths of Reckless Intent has been the fact they use a variety of wrestlers from all over the country, from local guys such as Michael Chase, Delsin Dayre and Rob Mills to DCT, Glen Dunbar and Massimo. However the best moment of the groups March show was the reunion for one last time of Big Damo, Scott Renwick and NXTs Nikki Cross (Storm), known as BMW to fight off an attack from The O’Malley Empire.

This year has also seen, perhaps overdue, the first woman’s matches from Reckless Intent involving Kirsty Love, Nikki Cross, Courtney and The Amazon Ayesha Rae, I look forward to seeing more of these matches in 2017.

The main storyline of the summer saw Michael Chase feuding with Big Damo for the Reckless Intent Championship. Big Damo winning the belt in an excellent match in July and holding on to it till the Twechar show at the end of August where Michael Chase would win it back in what would be Damo’s last appearance for the company before his departure for NXT. The fact that top talent such as Damo, Rampage Brown, Mark Andrews and Joe Coffey are now appearing regularly for the company shows how far they have come. The “Cruel Summer” show in August was also the first sold out in advance show that the company has had.

The secondary title called the UK Championship has featured some of the most enjoyable matches throughout the year with DCT, Grado and Massimo all holding the title, DCT finally overcoming Massimo to win the belt on the monthly September show. That show and the subsequent October shows in Twechar and Livingston would largely deal with the build up to the big “Over The Top” show in November featuring a huge 30 man rumble. I really enjoy rumble shows and this one also had a title match between Michael Chase and Rampage Brown, which was cut short when Paul Tracey led a number of wrestlers to the ring to attack both men. Tracey then challenged Chase to put the title on the line in the Rumble later on. Paul Tracey would hide under the ring for part of the match but then suddenly appear to toss out Rampage and Chase to become the new champion entering 2017. Matches are already announced for 2017 shows which is a good sign.

The company faces stiff competition through in the East of Scotland with W3L, Discovery Wrestling and SSW all running shows in and around the same area although none as regularly as Reckless Intent which some might say gives them an advantage. They are definitely worth check out if you enjoy a good nights entertainment. I’m certainly looking forward to seeing more of them in action.

Reckless Intent already have about 20 dates announced for next year, they have already announced further expansion to a new venue in Biggar with further dates still to be added, but their home venue of Livingston will continue to play host to most of their shows. A link to their website can be found below.