Wrestler Spotlight: Euan G Mackie

Welcome to the Wrestler Spotlight. Today, we’re taking a look at the reigning SWE Heavyweight Champion, “The Very Good” EG Mackie.

– Adam Morrison

Alias – EG Mackie, Euan G. Mackie, Magic Mackie, Lil Magic M, EG MacLoompa, Euan McEwan, The Great Hanzui, Mega Mackie Z
Nicknames – “The Very Good”, “The Goblin of the Skies”, “Sasshole the Clown”
Companies Wrestled For – WILD Promotions, World Wide Wrestling League, British Championship Wrestling, Premier British Wrestling, Scottish Wrestling Alliance, Source Wrestling, Scottish Wrestling Entertainment, Asylum of Wrestling Maniacs, Insane Championship Wrestling, Mad Wrestling Association, WrestleZone, Scottish School of Wrestling, RAD:PRO Wrestling, Mad Wrestling Association, EmbryoniX, HXC Wrestling, Pro Wrestling ImPulse, Pride Wrestling, Reckless Intent Wrestling, British Empire Wrestling, Allied Independent Wrestling Federations, Discovery Wrestling and United Pro Wrestling
Titles & Accomplishments
1x SWA Tag Team Champion w/Freddie Da Funk
1x W3L Tag Team Champion w/Freddie Da Funk
1x SWE Future Division Champion
1x EmbryoniX Intergender Tag Team Championship w/Sammii Jayne
3x Reckless Intent Hardcore Champion
1x SSW 24/7 Hardcore Championship
1x RAD:PRO Mix Tag Champion w/Jam O’Malley
1x SWE Heavyweight Champion
2011 W3L Fight For Your Flag Winner
Signature Moves – Z13/The Curse of Castle of Castle Mackula (Monkey Flip into a Cutter), The Arse of Glory (Tree of Woe Seated Senton), The Shiny Heiny (Running Side Hip Attack)
Alliances – The Demons of Disco/The Disco Biscuits w/Freddie Da Funk, The Entertainers w/Mike Musso, The Jacketcatchers w/Lucian Maynard Smith, The Home for Broken Toys w/Flex Hunter, The Opera of Silence w/Stallyon, Visage w/Kevan & Falcon, SANTUARY w/Viper, David The Beloved, Nathan Black, The Scapegoat, The Lost Boy, Mikey Whiplash, Lord Roberto, Lord John, The Witch, The Redeemer & The Head of Francois Martin, The Toy Box w/Switch, Flick, Victor Von Valtz, Sammii The Broken Doll, Sara The Doll, Oliver Z, Sebastian The Displeased & The Pink Rabbit, The Z-List w/Jam O’Malley, Dr Effen, Mr Awesome, Dave Conrad, Chaotika & Mutt, Ghost Opera Wave 3 w/TC Nightmare, Lady Bellatrix, Diamond Ace & Steven Sacred, The Z-List Carnival w/Machine, Deviation, Alex Cavanagh & Jam O’Malley, w/Miss Demeanour