Wrestler Spotlight: Euan G Mackie

Welcome to the Wrestler Spotlight. Today, we’re taking a look at the reigning SWE Heavyweight Champion, “The Very Good” EG Mackie.

– Adam Morrison

Alias – EG Mackie, Euan G. Mackie, Magic Mackie, Lil Magic M, EG MacLoompa, Euan McEwan, The Great Hanzui, Mega Mackie Z
Nicknames – “The Very Good”, “The Goblin of the Skies”
Companies Wrestled For – WILD Promotions, World Wide Wrestling League, British Championship Wrestling, Premier British Wrestling, Scottish Wrestling Alliance, SWA: Source, Scottish Wrestling Entertainment, Asylum of Wrestling Maniacs, Insane Championship Wrestling, Mad Wrestling Association, WrestleZone, Scottish School of Wrestling, RAD:PRO Wrestling, Mad Wrestling Association, Embryonix, HXC Wrestling, Showcase Pro Wrestling, Pride Wrestling and Reckless Intent Wrestling
Titles & Accomplishments
1x SWA Tag Team Champion w/Freddie Da Funk (106 days)
1x W3L Tag Team Champion w/Freddie Da Funk (length unknown)
1x SWE Future Division Champion (217 days)
1x Embryonix Intergender Tag Team Championship w/Sammii Jayne
3x Reckless Intent Hardcore Champion (<1 day, <1 day, <1 day)
1x SSW 24/7 Hardcore Championship (length unknown)
1x RAD:PRO Mix Tag Champion w/Jam O’Malley (300 days as of 13/1/17)
1x SWE Heavyweight Champion (202 days as of 17/03/17)
1x W3L Fight For Your Flag Winner (2011)
Signature Moves – Z13/The Curse of Castle of Castle Mackula (Monkey Flip into a Cutter), The Arse of Glory (Tree of Woe Seated Senton), The Shiny Heiny (Running Side Hip Attack)
Alliances – The Demons of Disco/The Disco Biscuits w/Freddie Da Funk, The Entertainers w/Mike Musso, SANTUARY w/Viper, David The Beloved, Nathan Black, The Scapegoat, The Lost Boy, Mikey Whiplash, Lord Roberto, Lord John, The Witch, The Redeemer, The Head of Francois Martin, The Toy Box w/Switch, Flick, Victor Von Valtz, Sammii The Broken Doll, Sara The Doll, Oliver Z, Sebastian The Displeased & The Pink Rabbit, The Z-List w/Jam O’Malley, Dr Effen, Mr Awesome, Dave Conrad, Chaotika & Mutt, Home For Broken Toys w/Flex Hunter, Ghost Opera Wave 3 w/TC Nightmare, Lady Bellatrix, Diamond Ace, Steven Sacred, The Jacketcatchers w/Lucian Maynard Smith, Visage w/Kevan & Falcon, The Z-List Carnival w/Machine, Deviation, Alex Cavanagh & Jam O’Malley, w/Miss Demeanour


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