OSWtv Champion of Champions: Tag Team Turmoil 2017 – The Entrants

Our first Champion of Champions 2017 poll will be the Tag Team Turmoil ‘event’. 16 tag teams are pitted against each other in a tournament where the winners are determined, as voted, by you. We have selected 15 new tag teams with the only return team being last year’s winners, The ComixZone. The matches will be randomly drawn shortly for the first round.

The Line Up For Tag Team Turmoil 2017:
BAE Club (Debbie Sharpe/Sammii Jayne)
The Coffey Brothers (Joe Coffey/Mark Coffey)
The ComixZone (Sean Mercer/Delsin Dayre)
Dead Cell (Nathan Reynolds/Kevin Williams)
Filthy Generation (Stevie Boy/Kay Lee Ray)
The Handsome Man’s Club (The Sam Barbour Experience/CS Rose)
The Headbanders (Jackie Grady/Rob Mills)
The House of Saynt (Christopher Saynt/Theo Doros)
Kings of Catch (Aspen Faith/Lewis Girvan)
Krieger/Lou King Sharp
The Purge (Krobar/Stevie James)
The Rich Kids (Austin Osiris/Kyle Khaos)
The Scum Bucks (Ian Ambrose/JD Wilde)
Sterling Oil (Alan Sterling/Shawn Johnson)
The Underdogs (Kieran McColm/Scott McManus)
Wild Lions (Andy Wild/Johnny Lions)

See Tag Team Turmoil 2016 and how The ComixZone advanced to victory last year.