RUMOUR: ICW Close To WWE Network Deal

Source: PWInsider Elite
Text from Wrestling Inc

Word going around the UK scene is that WWE officials are close to finalising a deal that will see top UK indie promotion Insane Championship Wrestling air on the WWE Network, according to PWInsider. No word yet on if this will be on-demand content or live content.

The deal with ICW, who recently drew several thousand fans to the SSE Hydro in Glasgow, is said to be a multi-year deal, perhaps for 2-3 years. There is said to be an agreement in place and the deal could be announced some time in the next week.

ICW is closer to the original ECW or WWE’s Attitude Era but it was noted that there content will not be toned down for the WWE Network, at least for the most part.

WWE recently polled fans on which indie companies they would be interested in seeing on the WWE Network. It will be interesting to see if they bring more promotions to the Network in 2017 as they are currently in talks with several North American promotions.

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Details are sketchy and nothing is certain, but I remember getting into ICW in 2013 and telling everyone how great it was – only to be shot down by several people down south saying it would never be successful down there. Fast forward to 2016 and ICW was (and still is) being shown live in 38 countries due to having a deal with Canada’s Fight Network, as well as having several successful UK & Ireland tours. I expect people will at first be shocked at the news that WWE are looking to close a deal with ICW as I admit I was at first – but why should we be? I have always believed ICW had the potential to be massive, as I’m sure many of you have also. It’s content alone proves there’s hardly another promotion in the world that can compare; lets adults relive that of their childhood with ECW/Attitude Era-like style of delivery, and I can’t think of another promotion in the world who does that at the moment, let alone does it with comparable success. Whether this deal goes through or not, ICW are barely even getting started with their mark on the wrestling world.

“Shoot for the moon, and if you miss, you’re still amongst the stars” – Mark Dallas, 2k14 😊”

– Courtney Smallridge (@cheesybiscuit_)