Wrestler Spotlight: Rob Cage

Welcome to the Wrestler Spotlight. Today, we’re taking a look at Buffet Club member Rob Cage.

– Adam Morrison

photo credit Discovery Wrestling
photo credit Discovery Wrestling
Alias – Rob Cage
Nicknames – “The King of the Shining Wizard”, “Your Uncle Bobby”
Companies Wrestled For – Triple Team Promotions, Real Quality Wrestling, Premier British Wrestling, British Championship Wrestling, European Professional Wrestling, Deutsche Wrestling Allianz, Fight Factory Pro Wrestling, Pro Wrestling ZERO1 Ireland, 3 Count Wrestling, Mad Wrestling Association, Irish Whip Wrestling, Insane Championship Wrestling, Scottish School of Wrestling, WrestleZone, Do or Die Wrestling, Asylum of Wrestling Maniacs, Pro Wrestling Fighters, Eurowrestling-Company, Dansk Pro Wrestling, Svensk Wrestling Syd, Flemish Wrestling Force, International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom, PROGRESS Wrestling, National Wrestling Alliance United Kingdom Hammerlock, Scottish Wrestling Entertainment, Pro Wrestling Pride, Future Pro Wrestling, British Empire Wrestling, Premier Promotions, German Wrestling Federation, The Wrestling League, Tidal Championship Wrestling, Revolution Championship Wrestling, Discovery Wrestling, Spanish Pro Wrestling, Exposure Wrestling Entertainment, RISE England and Pro Wrestling Malta
Titles & Accomplishments
1x PWP Tag Team Champion w/Josh Knott (68 days)
2x MWA International Heavyweight Champion (420 days, <1 day)
1x SWE European Champion
1x AWM Champion (length unknown)
1x AWM Limit-X Champion (length unknown)
1x British Empire Heavyweight Champion (444 days as of 25/01/17)
1x DWA European Champion (438 days as of 25/01/17)
1x DWA Cruiserweight Champion (60 days as of 25/01/17)
Signature Moves – Shining Wizard, Fame-Asser
Alliances – Heritage w/Andy Wild, DNS Evolution w/Crazy Johnny Tiger, The Traditionalists w/Stingray Stevenson, w/Josh Knott, Buffet Club w/Gene Munny, Jerry Bakewell, Fug, Lance Lawrence, Stingray Stevenson & Nina Samuels, The New Age Kliq w/Chris Renfrew, BT Gunn, Dickie Divers & Darkside
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