The Life of Smith: This Year So Far and What’s Coming Up

This month has seen me brave the gym being busier with the ‘new year, new me’ season kicking in and being thankful that I do not go to the gym at peak times, as well as outlining my own goals this year and beyond. I also recently visited the studio of Darren Wyllie Photography to get some updated photos of yours truly, which can be viewed on the Lucian Maynard Smith Facebook page. These photos see me with an improved beard, which is a sure fire reason to check them out! I find Darren to be great to work with and I look forward to working with him again.

Last year, I found myself mainly wrestling for W3L, with them expanding beyond their Fife/central belt base and this year will see them run even more shows than ever. Their first set of shows will take place next week, with them embarking on a three day tour of England before hosting their annual ‘Remedy’ event in Buckhaven on Sunday 5th February.

The three day tour of England will start off in Berwick Upon Tweed on Thursday 2nd February. W3L Women’s Champion Sara Marie Taylor will defend her title against the returning Little Miss Roxxy and W3L Heavyweight Champion Nathan Reynolds will also be in action. The last time I was in Berwick Upon Tweed, I wrestled Grado in a match refereed by recent W3L debutant Callum Lions and where the ceiling tiles decided to remind us of how low they were. Past shows have also seen events such as The Contingency Plan cash in their 2014 Golden Ticket to defeat The Coffey Brothers for the W3L Tag Team Championships, as well as Leah Owens battling Kasey Owens for the W3L Women’s Championship.

The England tour goes into full swing the next day as W3L debuts in Todmorden, then debuting in Kippax on the Saturday afternoon and Guiseley on the Saturday evening. This set of shows will see 2015 W3L Golden Ticket winner and British wrestling legend Blondie Barratt make his W3L return and it should be an interesting set of shows. Tickets for all of these events are available from

All in all, that is it in the Life of Smith. I will be previewing W3L’s annual ‘Remedy’ event next week, which is already shaping up to be an eventful show and takes place next Sunday afternoon at the Buckhaven Community Centre. Expect to hear more announcements on the W3L Facebook page and Wrestling Showdown YouTube show. Until then, that is the life of Smith. Good day.

Lucian Maynard Smith