REVIEW: SWE Hell for Lycra XIII 27/08/16

The Caird Hall, Dundee

It’s been on YouTube for a few months now so I’ve finally sat down to watch SWE’s latest Hell for Lycra event.

Kicked off with a decent video package to introduce the event. Chris Duke welcomed the crowd and lead to a video package to give the crowd the backstory for the upcoming match, which is a grand idea.

– Future Division Championship –
Ladder Match
Steven ‘Air’ Myles defeated Lou King Sharp, JD Wilde & Kenny Kyd

The good, the bad and the ugly could sum up this opening match. The Good: Steven Myles hitting a 630, the split screen and instant reply screen a nice touch which continued throughout the evening, JD Wilde hitting a senton onto Myles who was draped on a ladder and Lou King Sharp channelling Terry Funk with the ladder aided helicopter spin. The Bad: a lot of plodding and sloppy moves, like they were going through the motions and not committing to moves, it also felt really long and slow. The Ugly: the commentary (when I could hear it).

Steven Myles won after hitting an attempted Sling Blade off the ladder then followed with a Myles Clash on JD Wilde before he scaled the ladder to grab the belt.

Up next was The Heel Reel with Bravehart, which felt like a poor man’s Piper’s Pit. Complete with Bravehart attempting Roddy Piper’s mannerisms.

He introduced his guest Colt Cabana which woke up the sleeping crowd with the first chant of the evening.

Bravehart tells Colt he hates him because he needed to shift 2000 tickets based on Cabana’s name and there were empty seats. He still believed that Cabana is a Legend and he’ll face another Legend. ‘The Lowland Superstar’ Glen Dunbar. Dunbar has a few words before attacking Cabana to start the match.

Colt Cabana defeated Glen Dunbar by Pinfall.

Cabana soon got the upperhand but evolved into a back and forth contest with plenty Colt shenanigans with Dunbar playing his role perfectly of being unimpressed and confused by Cabana’s tactics being able to look aggressive in one turn then a bit of a buffoon the next.

A quick unique pin by Cabana saw him victorius. A fun match, solid in ring action. Cabana and Dunbar worked well against each other.

Sara Marie Taylor defeated Kirsty Love by Pinfall.

Another long match with not a lot happening, I spent a lot of the time rolling my eyes at the commentary. It was pretty back and forth with no one having the upper hand for long. Kirsty Love hit a great backpack stunner for a two count. The referee got distracted by a t-shirt being flung into her face which allowed Sara to spray hairspray into Love’s face for the roll up. There was nothing bad about the match, just nothing remarkable.

Another video package to lead us into the next match.

– Falls Count Anywhere –
Felix Fortune defeated Ian Ambrose by Pinfall.

A big brawl which is exactly what I’d hope for this kind of match. Where scrappy moves are more than acceptable to convey a fight more than a wrestling match. Great story of Fortune working the back with a elevated backcracker then using a chair to punish Ambrose over and over. Ambrose fought back and hit stinger of an elevated twisting DDT onto the floor on the outside for only two. Fortune countered an incoming suicide dive by simply holding up a chair for Ambrose to collide into before using the chair to work the back again. Ambrose was busted open with a Skull Crushing Finale onto a chair which seemed to light up the #Scumbag but it wasn’t enough with Fortune hitting his Jackpot move onto a pile of Relentless cans.

The blood may’ve been a bit much for a company that prides itself on being family friendly, looked gaudy but it certainly made this feud really pick up.

Video package for the next match for the SWE Heavyweight Championship. Intense stuff.

– SWE Heavyweight Championship –
Euan G Mackie defeated Stallyon by Pinfall.

Wild start with Euan G Mackie spraying mist into Stallyon’s face. Broke the tension that the entrance of Stallyon created. This was very much a David vs Goliath contest with Mackie attempting to take down the taller and more powerful Stallyon. Both mean played their own monsters very well which, especially Stallyon, made things a little creepy. Big ref bump saw Stallyon give Mackie the knockout blow with his chain. Stallyon went into a trance being in full control before the entrance music of LJT hit which created the best moment of the event, Stallyon laughed manically even when LJT hit him with a baseball bat and before LJT hit Sliced Bread #2. LJT exited as Mackie and the referee woke up.

The match picked up from that point with Mackie trying to do everything in his power to finish Stallyon but it was down to a slight sidestep and roll up for Mackie to finally get a three count on Stallyon.

Stallyon looked incredible in this match, his twitches, his subtle movements just made his character so well developed and working against someone as talented as Mackie it just all worked. The second half of the match after LJT returned may’ve went a little too long in my own opinion but the win was satisfying.

Scotty Riccio, The Riot Chris James and Darren Blair defeated Destruction by Design (Chaz Phoenix, Bravehart and Lix Tetrax) by Pinfall.

Riccio and James started with stereo suicide dives onto Destruction by Design before it got going. Nothing fancy in this one, the bigger team of Destruction by Design beat down James and Riccio throughout before Darren Blair got the hot tag which lead to Blair countering Bravehart’s top rope attempt into a powerslam for three.

– No Disqualification – Fatal Four Way –
Drew Galloway defeated Joe Hendry, Ethan Carter III and Jack Jester by Pinfall.

This is what you call a main event. Galloway, EC3 and Hendry were all in the ring but before it could get started Jack Jester’s music hit and he entered. He said that he was due to be in Ireland but his flight was screwed up so he ended up in Dundee. He announced that the triple threat wasn’t going to happen instead it’s a No DQ Fatal Four Way. Jester insulted his opponents before receiving a slap from Galloway to start the match.

All four brawled all over the The Caird Hall before making their way back to the ring, eventually with two in the ring and two on the outside. All four got back in for a huge turnbuckle spot involving Joe Hendry getting a ready for a superplex from Jester and EC3 before Galloway rised from a tree of woe position to throw everyone off the top rope. Incredible. Once all four got into the ring it became an even contest with everyone getting offense in. Beautiful sequence to end it with Joe Hendry hitting the Freak of Nature onto Jack Jester, nipped up to slide Galloway into a backslide only for Galloway to counter into the Futureshock DDT for the three count.

Overall: A pretty solid show, some dud matches but on the flip side there were some fun matches and moments with LJT returning and Jack Jester turning up. The main event was excellent, short and sweet but that finish was lovely. The commentary was extremely grating so if I attended the show live then I’d probably have a good time. Really liked the split screen in multi man matches so you’re able to keep an eye on everything.

Watch the full show on YouTube right here: