Wrestler Spotlight: Nixon Newell

Welcome to the Wrestler Spotlight. Today, we’re looking at Wales’ Nixon Newell, who’ll be making her PBW debut on March 4th.

– Adam Morrison

photo credit Gareth Bull Photography
photo credit Gareth Bull Photography

Alias – Nixon Newell, Nixon, Miss Ruby, LuchaDora the Explorer
Nicknames – “The Girl With the Shiniest Wizard”, “The Vixen of the Valleys”
Companies Wrestled For – Britannia Wrestling Promotions, Ironfist Wrestling, Welsh Wrestling, House of Pain: Evolution, Tidal Championship Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Kingdom, Kamikaze Pro, ATTACK! Pro Wrestling, Southside Wrestling Entertainment, VII Pro Wrestling, westside Xtreme wrestling, A-Merchandise, Westside Dojo, Great Bear Promotions, Fight Club: PRO, Leicester Championship Wrestling Roses, Pro Evolution Wrestling, Pro Wrestling 4U, Fierce Females, Bellatrix Female Warriors, True Grit Wrestling, Infinite Promotions, Dragon Pro Wrestling, VII Underground, British Empire Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Pride, Pro Wrestling Malta, 4 Front Wrestling, Empress Pro Wrestling, International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom, New Wave Wrestling Alliance, European Pro Wrestling, Revolution Championship Wrestling, WhatCulture Pro Wrestling, SHIMMER Women Athletes, CHIKARA, PROGRESS Wrestling, World Wonder Ring Stardom, Over the Top Wrestling, Pro Wrestling: EVE, Good Wrestling, Megaslam Wrestling, Cornish Pro Wrestling, Ultimate Pro Wrestling, Riot House Promotion, Insane Championship Wrestling, X Wrestling Alliance and Romanian Pro Wrestling
Titles & Accomplishments
2x ATTACK! 24:7 Champion (1x Queen of Southside Champion (161 days)
1x ATTACK! Tag Team Trophy Champion w/Mark Andrews (140 days)
1x and first ever British Empire Womens Champion (504 days)
1x and first ever WCPW Women’s Champion (161 days as of 01/02/17)
Signature Moves – Vulture Culture Destroyer (Flip Piledriver), Shiniest Wizard (Shining Wizard)
Alliances – Bayside High w/Mark Andrews, Bayside XL w/Tyler Bate, The Culture Squad w/Chris Brookes, The Vulture Squad w/Chris Brookes, The Lucha Cousins w/Leva Bates, The Bruiserweights w/Pete Dunne, Chris Brookes, Kid Lykos & Shay Purser
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