The Life of Smith: Rumbling Towards Remedy

As I mentioned in last week’s blog, W3L hosts its first set of shows for 2017. Yours truly will be at the Berwick Upon Tweed show this Thursday, as I venture into a town that cannot decide as to whether it is English or Scottish. This will be my first match of this year and my first since myself and Johnny Lions unfortunately lost our tag team titles to Kevin Williams and Jason Reed. I have my own goals set in mind for this year I start on my road towards them in Berwick Upon Tweed this Thursday.
This Sunday, W3L presents its annual ‘Remedy’ event, which takes place at the Buckhaven Community Centre. Past Remedy events have seen some interesting events occur, such as Kasey Owens cunningly winning the W3L Women’s Championship from Leah Owens in a double-cross I could not help but compliment, Mike Musso banishing fierce rival David Paris from W3L in an unsanctioned street fight and yours truly taking great pleasure in leathering Morado with European Uppercuts. This year promises to be another interesting show, with various matches being announced.

Kevin Williams and Jason Reed defeated myself and Johnny Lions to become the new W3L Tag Team Champions. Their victory was short-lived though, as myself and Lions rattled them with chair shots after the match, before Taylor Bryden cashed in his Golden Ticket to win the titles for himself. Remedy will see Williams and Reed take on Taylor Bryden and a tag team partner of his choosing. One would suspect that Bryden will either choose one of his Contingency Plan comrades Dickie Divers or James Scott, but I would not be surprised if Bryden had another plan up his sleeve.

The W3L Women’s Championship will be defended at Remedy. Sara is defending her W3L Women’s Championship against a familiar face to WCPW fans in Little Miss Roxxy this Thursday in Berwick-Upon-Tweed and there is no doubt the title will be defended on W3L’s tour of Yorkshire and surrounding areas this Friday and Saturday. Remedy will see whoever the champion might be on the Sunday challenge Leah Owens, a former W3L Women’s Champion in her own right and a fan favourite with the W3L audience.

The main event of Remedy will see Nathan Reynolds defend his W3L Championship against Mike Musso in a ladder match. Matches between these two have been reviewed as being “back and forth awesomeness” by some and I can recall the match between these two at the Rothes Halls in Glenrothes having numerous twists and turns as I observed the contest from the venue balcony. Musso has had various things to say about this contest, which can be viewed at It will be interesting to see how this match pans out and if Musso will get another championship opportunity if he does not beat Reynolds at Remedy, given the opportunities W3L management have given him recently.

Remedy is W3L’s first major event of the year and this will be the first time in a while that this particular event has taken place in Fife in quite a while and the first time this event will take place in Buckhaven. I can recall debuting as Lucian Maynard Smith for W3L at the 2013 Remedy event in Musselburgh in a non-title match against then W3L champion Mike Musso. A lot has changed since then for myself, W3L and for Scottish wrestling in general. Remedy has the potential to see a lot of things change, a lot of things stay the same, or a little bit of both. Tickets are available from Ultimately though, that is it for my Remedy preview and that is the life of Smith. Good day.