Match Report: Kay Lee Ray vs Jungle Kyona – Stardom 29/01/17

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ICW Women’s Championship Match: Kay Lee Ray (Champion) pinned Jungle Kyona in 11:59 to retain the title.

NXT viewers would recognize Ray as a Nia Jax’s squash victim. Obviously here her talents were on full display.
Kyona took an early advantage with a wrist lock bending Ray to one knee but Ray ran the ropes and came off with an armdrag. Two more arm drags followed to keep Kyona grounded.

Kyona countered with a sharp elbow to the chin and hit a fallaway slam. A running senton got a two count. Kyona worked over Ray in the corner with body shots and scored with a suplex. Kyona dropped a knee across the chest for another nearfall.


Ray avoided a running kick and laid into Kyona with chops. She spun her around and hit a quick release german suplex ala Akira Tozawa followed by a standing moonsault for a nearfall.

They traded forearm shots mid-ring with Kyona getting the upperhand. She hoisted Ray up in a torture rack before dropping her across the knee ribs first for a nearfall. Kyona locked in a body scissors and threw elbows to the injured ribs.

Late in the match Kyona escaped an attempted Michinoku Driver to land a roundhouse kick to the ribs and a leaping DDT for a nearfall.

Kyona took too long heading to the top allowing Ray to drop her with a top rope brainbuster. A Swanton Bomb secured Ray the pinfall.