W3L Remedy 05/02/17 Results

Buckhaven Community Centre, Buckhaven

El Technico defeated “Tenacious” Johnny Lions by Pinfall.

W3L Women’s Championship – Leah Owens defeated Sara by Pinfall to win the W3L Women’s Championship.

W3L Tag Team Championships The Contingency Plan (Dickie Divers & Taylor Bryden) Games N Gainz (Jason Reed & Kevin Williams) by Disqualification. The Contingency Plan retained the W3L Tag Team Championships.

Referee Keiran Swinney DQ’d Reed after he thought Reed had hit Divers with a chair.

Royal Open Challenge – Big Dave Jeremi defeated Prince Asad by Pinfall.

W3L Heavyweight Championship – Ladder Match – “The One To Watch” Nathan Reynolds defeated “The Merchandise” Mike Musso to retain the W3L Heavyweight Championship.

The Very Good Mr Euan G Mackie interfered during the match.

Source: Stevie Wizard