Discovery Wrestling’s Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational: Bracket Breakdown by Adam Morrison

Discovery Wrestling are set to host 3 huge tournaments this year, including one to crown their first ever Women’s Champion. This 8-man single elimination tournament, known as the Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational, will see 6 of the best wrestlers in the UK along with 2 additional wildcard entrants to be revealed when they step through the curtain. The winner will earn a shot at the Y-Division Championship at a show of their choosing. Let’s take a look at the quarterfinal brackets:

Aspen Faith vs Doug Williams
March 5th at Jam House, Edinburgh

The first contest in the tournament will take place on March 5th from the Jam House in Edinburgh, and will see “The King of Catch” Aspen Faith face off with former TNA superstar, and Discovery debutant, Doug Williams. Both of these men are known for their technical expertise, they can lock you in an armbar and transition straight into a headlock with ease. A sure-fire match of the year contender is set for Discovery fans at the Jam House.
Prediction – Aspen Faith

Mikey Whiplash vs Wildcard
May 7th at Corn Exchange, Edinburgh

Mikey Whiplash will make his long-awaited Discovery debut on May 7th at the Edinburgh Corn Exchange when he faces off with one of the two wildcard picks. Ever since Discovery opened their doors back in 2014, fans have been begging to see Mikey Whiplash inside a Discovery ring. Knowing that he won’t know who his opponent is until they step through the curtain might through Mikey off his mind-set.
Prediction – Wildcard

Mark Coffey vs Chris Ridgeway
May 7th at Corn Exchange, Edinburgh

Also on the May 7th show, Mark Coffey will face another man making his debut for Discovery Wrestling, “Smashmouth” Chris Ridgeway. These two are both outstanding talents capable of having a good match with anyone on the planet. Discovery are proud of producing so many match of the year contenders for Scottish wrestling each year, and this bout should be no different. The Power Forward vs Smashmouth – who will advance to the semi-finals, one step closer to a Y-Division Title opportunity?
Prediction – Mark Coffey

Dave Conrad vs Wildcard
June 23rd at Portobello Town Hall, Edinburgh

The final quarterfinal bout will take place on June 23rd from the Portobello Town Hall, and sees Dave Conrad face the second wildcard pick. Dave has had a huge wave of momentum recently, having vanquished his trainer Big Damo from Discovery Wrestling upon his signing with WWE. Like Mikey Whiplash, Conrad won’t know who his opponent is until they appear on stage. But as we’ve seen from Dave time and time again, it doesn’t matter who you are. He’ll beat the biggest and the smallest. That’s why he’s my pick to win the whole thing.
Prediction – Dave Conrad

So, there are my predictions for the Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational. Tickets for the shows are available from Who are your picks to win?