ICW 6th Annual Square Go Review by Snapmare Necks

sqgo2In its 6th year of being a thing, the ICW Square Go was held outwith Glasgow for the very first time this year. Newcastle has arguably become ICW’s second home, boasting good turnouts and fine atmospheres when the boaysies hit the toon, but taking one of their biggest events out of Glasgow was undoubtedly a bit of a risk. A risk first and foremost of unsettling the perennial moaners who think everything related to the company of any significance needs to happen in Glasgow or it just plain disnae count. A risk of perhaps not carrying on the special legacy of the show itself and risking it being below par in a different setting. A risk considering the fact that humans are at risk of spontaneous combustion at any time and any of the performers could have literally exploded at any time during the show. A risk….ach ye get the…

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