Raging Falcon Pro Wrestling Fight Night Live! Coming September 2017

OSWtv and Raging Falcon Pro Wrestling began affliating back in 2015, with the RFPW being featured on the OSWtv website as an avenue to watch some e-fed wrestling. On September 2017, the e-fed becomes real life. Trowbridge Civic Centre, September 17th, the first ever RFPW Fight Night Live! takes place.

Names announced already include Davey Blaze, Jack Sexsmith, Kurtis Norman, Iestyn Rees, Mr Vincredible, Dexter, Chuck Mambo, Harry Mant, Luther Valentine, Earl Black Jr, Rocky Future, Mike Check, Alex Cupid, Ian Frost, Dom Black, David Francisco.

The matches announced already include David Francisco versus Kurtis Norman plus the RFPW Championship will be up for grabs between Davey Blaze, Luther Valentine and Iestyn Rees in a triple threat to be crowned the inagural champion.

Due to the relationship between ourselves and RFPW, we are lucky enough to have a sponsored match on the upcoming card which I am really looking forward to see and the match that we are going to concentrate on in our preview.

So without further ado, the next match announced for Raging Falcon Pro Wrestling Fight Night Live! is…

Shawn Johnson vs Aspen Faith

I don’t think I could’ve picked a much better match that would give a fantastic account of what Scottish wrestling is about and why I spend so much time writing about it. Aspen Faith, The King of Catch has been the OSWtv One to Watch for two years straight and that goes to show how much potential that he has and that’s already taking into account his fantastic series of matches with the likes of Lewis Girvan. He is just one moment away from being that guy that every promoter needs on their show. Whether it’s technical catch wrestling or just getting down to scrap, Aspen Faith is adaptable to any enviroment or opponent that he is put across from.

Let’s look at his opponent, Shawn Johnson has been primarily known as a tag team wrestler as part of The Granite City Hotshots with Bryan Tucker. When they split in 2015 Johnson struck out on his own as part of The Sterling Oil faction, showing everyone that he’s not just a tag team guy. A hidden gem up in The Granite City, Shawn Johnson is a remarkable wrestler, aggressive and sharp who has been plying his trade up in Aberdeen with brief trips south to the likes of Edinburgh.

Two very exciting talents face off as part of Fight Night Live! with both capable of stealing the show and shooting up the rankings.

All information about tickets at: http://www.trowbridgecivic.co.uk/event/Raging+Falcon+Pro+Wrestling

Tickets can be bought from now on at:

– £15* VIP: Front Row Seat + Meet & Greet Post-Show included.

– £8* Early Bird Sale for General Seating (ONLY IN FEBRUARY AND MARCH)

*Face value of tickets. Additional fees may apply.