Blackridge Wrestling – Out of Nowhere

A little bit like an RKO it seems that Blackridge Wrestling came out of nowhere and to be truthful it kinda felt like that too.

Blackridge Wrestling was created initially for one reason, and that was to hold a charity event for Cancer Research UK to raise some funds for something very close to my heart.

I reached out to the Scottish School of Wrestling for support and like a great tag partner they were there as soon as I reached out and before I knew it I was beginning a journey into events management with some of the craziest, funniest and awesome people you could ever hope to meet.

The event was a huge learning curve – risk assessments, venue visits, PAT testing, ticket sales, posters etc, but thankfully SSW was booking the wrestling and giving me input into the show as we went along.

After 3 months, the show was a near sell out, the wrestlers all showed up and honestly Blackridge experienced a gem of a night crowning the King of Blackridge in Kaiden King. There was also the small matter of an amazing SSW Title match between Kid Fite and Dylan Angel, which surprisingly made it in the top 3 matches of the year in OSWtv Awards. As a promoter, the match was nail biting, we had the ring surrounded by screaming kids, Kid Fite threw Dylan Angel out a Fire Exit before slamming him in a neighbour’s garden and retained his title. As a fan, I was over the moon and sold on doing this madness all over again.

Roll on 5 months and a little more knowledge and a little more support saw us run the Jokers Are Wild event with 16 Wrestlers forming 8 Tag teams to find two winners who would face the King of Blackridge in the race to be the first Blackridge Champion in 2017. This time the wrestlers came from SSW, PBW, GPWA, W3L and ICW. We had Hardcore Champions, Tag Champions, an SPWO Champion and the SSW Champion. Friends and foes were paired together with new teams being formed as well as new feuds. It was Dave Jeremi and Muzlem who emerged victorious but it was the crowd who cemented the future of wrestling in Blackridge and who could forget Ravie Davie’s entrance into the Blackridge ring.

Blackridge Wrestling ended 2016 on a high and it was a truly humbling experience to hear we were voted a promotion to watch in 2017 at the OSWtv awards, which means we got something right along the way.

Due to me changing job, 2017 will kick off in June for Blackridge Wrestling and we will be having our own first title match for the BRW Title between the King of Blackridge and the Jokers Are Wild winners, we’ll launch our Women’s Division with, quite honestly, one of the most dominant Champions in Scottish Wrestling. We’ll welcome fan  favourites, and hopefully create a few more, with a current PBW title holder making his debut. We also have a new logo that I can exclusively reveal on OSWtv (see below).

Blackridge Wrestling came out of nowhere but I think we might be here to stay.

Thanks to the wrestlers and especially the fans.


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