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We recently had a chat with the head of the House Of Saynt, Scottish wrestler Christopher Saynt. Find him on Twitter at @PatriarchSaynt and on Facebook at
What first drew you to wrestling?

What first drew me to wrestling was the whole pageantry of it. Larger than life characters and hard hitting action. From the first match I saw (Ultimo Dragon vs Rey Mysterio on Smackdown) and I was hooked.

What made you want to become a professional wrestler?

Their were a few reasons, it was a challenge in my life that I wanted to overcome and succeed at, prove many people wrong that said I couldn’t do it.

Who was your favourite wrestler and why?

My favourite is Ric Flair, he is to me what a wrestler should be. He walks, talks and lives life as a champion and that’s what I want to be within my wrestling…

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