The Life of Smith: The First of Many

The W3L live event in Berwick-upon-Tweed represented a lot of firsts. It was the first event in the W3L calendar, an event that would see me wrestle my first two matches in 2017 in the first ever W3L Championship match in 2017, where current champion Nathaniel Reynolds would be making his first title defence of the year. I would be looking to become the W3L Champion for the first time and win my first ever singles championship. A lot of firsts (and potential firsts) indeed!

The Jubilee Centre in Berwick-upon-Tweed is renowned for its low ceilings, with me nearly taking once of the ceiling tiles with me last year as Grado gave me a scoop slam during our match there. I would go one better against Reynolds, somehow punching a hole through one of the tiles as I walloped Reynolds with a flying clothesline! I can recall doing the same thing at a show in Dundee against Scott Renwick in 2013 and it was interesting being a destroyer of ceiling tiles once again.

The match itself between myself and Reynolds was our first bout against one another for a while and it ended when The Contingency Plan of Dickie Divers and James Scott ran in to attack Reynolds as he was setting up for a Spear to cause this match to be ruled as a DQ win for Reynolds. Mike Musso and Jason Reed ran in to make the save for Reynolds and challenged us to a 6-man tag match later on in the night. We reluctantly accepted this challenge.

The 6-man tag was an interesting affair. Myself and both members The Contingency Plan demanded separate, individual entrances before demanding MC Stevie The Wizard to announce us as a group. After that, it was looking like our opponents did the same as Jason Reed came through the curtain, but he was shortly followed by Musso and Reynolds. The match itself got out of control fast, with a lot of the action spilling to the outside and there being even more ceiling tile demolition as Musso hit James Scott with a Fireman’s Carry DDT during the match. The match reached its conclusion after Reynolds gave me a Spear to send the Berwick-upon-Tweed crowd happy.

After this show, there were the three live events that took place in Todmorden, Kippax and Guiseley and W3L’s annual Remedy event, which took place in Buckhaven. I was not there for those shows, but some disciples of Smith informed me that The Very Good Mister Euan G Mackie interfered in the ladder match for the W3L Championship to cost Mike Musso the match, in what likely stemmed from their recent Judge Rinder appearance on ITV. I am on the side of The Very Good Mister Euan G Mackie for this one, but it will be interesting to see what happens next between these two.

The life of Smith will see me wrestling at a W3L birthday party show this Saturday and I will also be wrestling at the Pro Wrestling Impulse debut show in Dumfries on 4 March. For more information on that show, visit their Facebook page. You can also visit my Facebook (/maynardsmithlucian), Twitter (@smithtacular88) and Instagram (lifeofsmith24) or drop me an e-mail at Don’t ask me why I have different usernames for each account instead of sticking to the same formula, I just do! Ultimately though, that is the life of Smith. Good day.