CPW Last Man Standing 18/02/17 Results

img_0804The Assembly Rooms, Wick

Show started with Aurora announcing that she had been fired as CPW General Manager due to her actions at ‘Poison’. However, she hand picked her successor, Viper. Viper announced that the Triple Threat for the Regional Championship will now be an Elimination Match. Then reinstated Aurora to be an active wrestler & entered her into the 15 Man Rumble match.

Rumble Stipulation – Winner Enters #15 – Loser Enters #1 – Glen Dunbar defeated Connor Rose by Pinfall.

Big Bob defeated Necro by Pinfall.

CPW Highland Regional Championship – Triple Threat Elimination – King Robert Wishart defeated Lad Chapman & Adam Impact to win the CPW Highland Regional Championship.

Elimination Order:
Lad Chapman defeated Adam Impact by Pinfall.
King Robert Wishart defeated Lad Chapman by Pinfall.

CPW General Manager Viper announced that King Robert Wishart will defend his Title against Lad Chapman in Orkney at Invasion.

#1 Contender for CPW Undisputed Championship – 15 Man Rumble – Winner: Connor Rose after last eliminating Glen Dunbar.

CPW Undisputed Championship – Last Man Standing – Bobby Roberts defeated Eric Arkham to win the CPW Undisputed Championship.

Both men shook hands after the match, as Roberts left Adam Impact & Necro attacked Arkham. Roberts returned to help Arkham fight off his attackers.

Source: Craig Hermit