Five Picks to Win the Rock N Wrestle Tag Team Championships

On June 30th at The Ironworks in Inverness, Rock N Wrestle will host The Great Highland Bash with the promise to crown the inaugural Rock N Wrestle Tag Team Champions. We have over 4 months to wait for this and, with no clue as to who will be involved in this match, we’re going to throw some names into the hat. All of these teams have competed in Rock N Wrestle at least once before and are all worthy contenders to lift the title belts.

Photo credit David J Wilson

Lou King Sharp & Krieger

Sharp & Krieger have teamed up several times at Rock N Wrestle including against Polo Promotions, in a losing effort, and more recently against TJ Rage and Dylan Angel where they won through a combination of exemplary chemistry and by pinning the other team for a three count. Lou King Sharp has been at the majority of the Rock N Wrestle events and always puts on an entertaining performance, these two work well together and gold wouldn’t be unusual as the duo currently hold the PBW Tag Team Championships when they defeated the dream team of Grado and Kenny Williams.

Photo credit Warrior Fight Photography

The Purge (Krobar & Stevie James)

Having only made their Rock N Wrestle debut in December they’ve already made an impression, aligning with Wolfgang to form a faction of big bruisers. As a team, The Purge are no flips just kicks, they come to beat down opponents with quick tags to keep a member fresh at all times. A team with veteran instincts which is remarkable considering that they are still relatively new to the world of professional wrestling. The dark horse to be crowned Champions perhaps.

Photo credit Marion McGinn

Just Uz (BT Gunn & Stevie Xavier)

A highly decorated tag team in Gunn & Xavier having held tag team gold in multiple promotions including PBW and BCW as a duo, they also have a multitude of experience at holding tag team gold outwith the Just Uz team (Gunn as part of The New Age Kliq with Chris Renfrew and Stevie as part of The Bucky Boys with Davey Blaze). Gunn is a firm favourite at Rock N Wrestle along with being the RNW King of the North, Stevie Xavier is also popular in The Highlands with both wrestlers not afraid to take a risk or two to gain victory.

Photo credit David J Wilson

Polo Promotions (Jackie Polo & Mark Coffey)

Considered one of the beeeeeeeest teams in the country right now. Polo Promotions, as a team, have only made one appearance at Rock N Wrestle in a winning effort against Lou King Sharp & Krieger. They’ve won the OSWtv Year End Award for Tag Team of the Year two years running and have held the tag team belts in ICW and SWA. A confident team with the statistics to back them up, wouldn’t be a bad shout to walk out with the gold.

Photo credit David J Wilson

Fight Club (Kid Fite & Liam Thomson)

The veteran team of Kid Fite and Liam Thomson, they haven’t teamed up at Rock N Wrestle officially yet but we’ve seen them unleash their tag team offense in triple threat and fatal four way matches that have included the pair. Probably the most experienced team in our five picks and they are wily, devious and punishing individually but as a duo it’s double that.

So who do you think will be involved on June 30th when the titles will be on the line? Will it be a team mentioned above or a new team? Comment below!

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