Wrestler Spotlight: Martin Kirby

Welcome to the Wrestler Spotlight. Today, we’re looking at a man who recently made his return to ICW in Martin Kirby.

– Adam Morrison

Photo credit David J Wilson

Alias – Martin Kirby, Ego Dragon, Martina Kirby
Nicknames – “Mr Bad Attitude”, “The Leader of The Kirb Krawlers”
Companies Wrestled For – 3 Count Wrestling, Scottish Wrestling Alliance, Gerry Norton Promotions, Main Event Wrestling, Triple Team Promotions, Independent Wrestling Federation, Power Trip Wrestling, Triple X Wrestling, Real Deal Wrestling, Northern Wrestling League, SAS Wrestling, British Hybrid Wrestling, All Star Wrestling, Real Quality Wrestling, World Association of Wrestling, International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom, Alternative Wrestling World, One Pro Wrestling, Dynamic Pro Wrestling, Shooting Star Wrestling, New Generation Wrestling, British Championship Wrestling, This is Wrestling, Combat Sports Federation, New Revolution Wrestling, Grand Pro Wrestling, Pro Wrestling 101, Norton British Wrestling, Frontier Wrestling Alliance, British Wrestling Entertainment, Premier British Wrestling, North East Wrestling Society, House of Pain Wrestling, Southside Wrestling Entertainment, Complete Revolutionary Wrestling, Preston City Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Elite, Dragon Gate UK, Pro Wrestling 4U, A-Merchandise, Revolution Pro Wrestling, World Wide Wrestling League, Infinite Promotions, Britannia Wrestling Promotions, FutureShock Wrestling, PROGRESS Wrestling, Tidal Championship Wrestling, HOPE Wrestling, Insane Championship Wrestling, RAD:PRO Wrestling, Future Pro Wrestling, Pro Evolution Wrestling, HXC Wrestling, True Grit Wrestling, WrestleForce, Revolution Red Wrestling, South East Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Chaos, Alpha Omega Wrestling, Full House Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Kingdom, Target Wrestling, Kamikaze Pro, New Wave Wrestling Alliance, Great Bear Promotions, ATTACK! Pro Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Heroes, Monkey Madness Wrestling, 5 Star Wrestling, Climax Wrestling, Defiant Wrestling, Absolute Wrestling, Grapple Wrestling, Megaslam Wrestling, Plex Wrestling, Leicester Championship Wrestling Elevation, Plymouth Wrestling Association and TNT Extreme Wrestling
Titles & Accomplishments
2x RDW Tag Team Champion w/El Ligero (257 days) and Kris Travis (103 days)
1x 1PW Tag Team Champion w/Kris Travis (513 days)
1x 3CW Tag Team Champion w/Kris Travis (294 days)
1x RDW British Heavyweight Champion (<1 day)
1x 3CW North East Champion (407 days)
1x and only DPW Tag Team Champion w/Mad Man Manson (228 days)
1x GPW Heavyweight Champion (371 days)
1x IPW:UK British Tag Team Champion w/Kris Travis (216 days)
1x and last 3CW Triple Crown Champion (693 days)
1x and first ever RevPro British Tag Team Champion w/Kris Travis (245 days)
1x SWE Speed King Champion (357 days)
1x SWE Tag Team Champion w/Kris Travis (48 days)
1x HOPE Champion (77 days)
1x Target Wrestling Tag Team Champion w/James Scott & Mikey Whiplash (189 days)
1x PCW Tag Team Champion w/Joey Hayes (155 days)
1x Target Wrestling High Octane Champion (175 days as of 24/02/18)
1x Knights of Chaos Champion w/El Ligero (112 days)
1x Grapple British Champion (168 days)
1x Defiant World Champion (1 day)
1x GPW Tag Team Champion w/Ashton Smith (1 day as of 24/02/18)
2008 3CW Free For All Rumble Winner
2011 GPW Money in the Bank Winner
2014 SWE Speed King Winner
2015 GBD Junior Heavyweight Cup Winner
2015 PCW Money in the Bank Winner
2017 Defiant Magnificent Seven Briefcase Winner (lost it to El Ligero)
2017 ATTACK! Kris Travis Tag Team Invitational Winner w/El Ligero
Signature Moves – Sable Bomb (Powerbomb), Kirby’s Dreamland (Fameasser), Zoidberg Elbow (Diving Elbow Drop), Bearhug Hold/Mexican Wave (Diving Splash) Combo w/El Ligero, Flapjack/DDT Combo w/Joey Hayes
Alliances – The Brotherhood w/Kris Travis, Project Ego w/Kris Travis, The Shooting Stars w/Kris Travis, Project Lucha w/El Ligero, The Unbreakables w/EdEn, The Unbreakables w/Stevie Lynn, Project Party w/Marty Scurll, Two Mates Pissing About w/Joey Hayes, Three Mates Pissing About w/Joey Hayes & Danny Hope, Project Lucha Underground w/El Ligero & Shane Strickland, The Guest List w/James Scott, Mikey Whiplash & Marc Allan, The Kirb Krawlers w/Gabriel Kidd, Prince Ameen, The Primate & Rampage, The 55 w/James R. Kennedy, Kid Fite, Sha Samuels, Doug Williams, Timm Wylie & Bram, North East’s Finest w/Assassin, Chris Whitton, Iain Robinson & Kid Richie, The Jim Leegion w/Jim Lee, Eddie Dennis, El Ligero & Mark Andrews, w/Ashton Smith, w/The Sheikh, w/Mad Man Manson
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