#theshootseries – EEW Sports UK – Scottish Takeover #3 – Lou King Sharp

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img_-fl1vzkThe sexiest man interesting is here. Let’s hear what Lou King Sharpe had to say. 

Who were your favorite wrestlers growing up?

Rey Mysterio, Rob Van Dam and Sabu

rvd-titlesWho had the greatest influence/impact on your life?

Probably Rockstar Spud although I didn’t first see him until I had already started training but after seeing him it totally changed my outlook on wrestling as a whole. He showed me that size doesn’t matter if your the biggest character.

When did you decide you wanted to be a pro wrestler?

I think I decided I wanted to be a wrestler the first time I saw wrestling haha. It’s all I can remember ever wanting to be to be honest.

Who trained you? And where did you train?

I was trained by Kid Fite at the PBW Academy in Barrhead.

Who’s your closest friend in the industry?

My closest friends are Kid…

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