#theshootseries – EEW Sports UK – Scottish Takeover #4 – Lucha DS

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img_20170225_205707He’s hear and we get to speak to the masked Lucha DS. 

Who were your favorite wrestlers growing up?

I had an endless amount, because I just loved wrestling, and when I was younger anyone who I got as a figure was my favorite for a time, although I switched back and forward I always gravited back to Bret “the Hitman” hart. The Hart foundation was my favorite tag team as well. And even to this day I watch Bret back on the network. So he takes it as my favorite back then.

l_d5ac25ce9c54131e4a2b4fa81ed9fa02Who had the greatest influence/impact on your life?

The day my son was born was the catalyst for me pursuing wrestling with a stubborn determination I started training the week before he was born and use him as motivation to want to achieve, I want one day to tell him to follow his dreams and if I…

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