WrestleZone Tri-Counties Title Tournament: The Final Four

It’s down to the final four in the WrestleZone Tri-Counties Title Tournament with four left we shall have a run down on who is left and the possible favourites going into the final.

Bryan Tucker
Qualifier: def. Kaden Garrick
Quarter Final: def. Andy Wild
Semi Final: vs Zach Dynamite

A former Regal Rumble winner, Undisputed and Tag Team Champion in WrestleZone, Tucker overcame the man mountain in Andy Wild (with an assist from Scotty Swift) to make it to the Semi Finals. The perenial underdog, Bryan Tucker was broken in late 2015 following the betrayal of Shawn Johnson and beat down from Sterling Oil that followed. He returned a few months later and has since become more aggressive and unhinged. He’s won the three current accolades that can be won, so for an underdog he has some serious accomplishments in WrestleZone.

photo credit Brianbat Photography
Zach Dynamite
Qualifier: def. Chris Archer
Quarter Final: def. Shawn Johnson
Semi Final: vs Bryan Tucker

Since returning from just under two years of inactivity, Dynamite hasn’t had a proper string of matches yet, just appearing at every other show. He went past Lou King Sharp’s replacement Chris Archer and Shawn Johnson but he might still be shaking off some ring rust. Having never held a championship in WrestleZone this is a big opporunity and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him make it to the final, but he has to go up against Bryan Tucker, who has an experience advantage and has been particularly savage since returning last year.

Aspen Faith
Qualifier: def. Blue Thunder
Quarter Final: def. Johnny Lions
Semi Final: vs Bingo Ballance

The former Tag Team Champion Aspen Faith is our favourite and the fans favourite (according to our Twitter poll) to win the tournment, he made his intentions known that he is the uncrowned champion and that this is a mere formality. Faith has been putting on outstanding performances not only in WrestleZone but across the country but a singles title win still alludes him. The King of Catch is in need of some gold and has already shown that he is willing to do anything and hurt anyone to get what he wants.

Bingo Ballance
Qualifier: def. Alan Sterling
Quarter Final: def. Damien
Semi Final: vs Aspen Faith

The former Undisputed WrestleZone Champion and Regal Rumble winner has made his way past two members of Sterling Oil en route to the Semi Final. He comes up against Aspen Faith in a mouthwatering contest pitting ‘The King of Catch’ against ‘The Zenith of Zero Gravity’ in a surefire contender for match of the tournament.

From the outset we’ve predicted a Dynamite vs Faith final but with the surprising roll that Tucker has been on it’s possible to see him make it over Dynamite. All four are deserving winners but our money is still on ‘The King of Catch’.

So who do you think is going to win the Tri-Counties Title Tournament and be the inagural Tri-Counties Champion? Comment below!

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