The Life Of Smith: When One Door Closes, Another One Opens

The Pro Wrestling Impulse ‘Revival’ show was subject to an unfortunate cancellation, along with their scheduled show on April 2nd. The talent scheduled to participate at this event were briefed about this on the Friday 3rd March, with the show due to take place on Saturday 4th March. This is not the first time I have been scheduled to appear at a show that has been cancelled, but this particular weekend saw another door open as the Pro Wrestling Impulse door closed.

I had attended seminars courtesy of the Reckless Intent Pro Wrestling School in Livingston and hosted by the likes of Paul Tracey and Chic Cullen. Reckless Intent are a well-organised company that takes care of their talent and I was chuffed to be offered an opportunity to participate in their multi-man scramble match for the RI Hardcore Championship. At the show, I bumped into a lot of familiar faces, with me seeing the likes of Darren T Goss and Mister News for the first time in a long time and catching up with them.

This event would be my debut for Reckless Intent and it was an eventful debut indeed. I decided to make an impact by interfering in the Theo Doros versus Euan G Mackie match after it had finished, attacking Doros and declaring myself a ‘Paul Tracey Guy’, pledging my allegiance towards the current RI Champion. This would escalate further, with myself and fellow ‘Paul Tracey Guy’ Glen Dunbar laying the boots to both Doros and his House Of Saynt comrade Christopher Saynt before Dave Conrad ran in to try and get a piece of us. With David Devlin in preparation for what turned out to be a successful championship defence versus LJT, myself and Dunbar did not fancy being a part of a 3 on 2 scrap and decided to reserve our energies for another day. With my methodical cunning, the hard-hitting style of Devlin, the veteran instincts of Dunbar and the almighty leadership of The Lord of the Manor himself Paul Tracey, we make for an interesting alliance and I am privileged to be a part of this social elite!

Photo credit Reckless Intent Wrestling

As I mentioned earlier, I was a part of the scramble match for the RI Hardcore Championship, which featured myself, Euan G Mackie, Jam O’Malley, Wee Jimmy, Justin Deed, The Headbanders of Rob Mills and Jackie Grady, The Amazon, David Devlin, Michael Chase, Theo Doros, Darren T Goss and Glen Dunbar. This match would see me win my first singles championship, as I used my cunning to roll up The Amazon for a three count, before being walloped by a Jam O’Malley DDT. After my near castration at the hands of Wee Jimmy and Mister News, Theo Doros ran in to assault me, levelling me with some shots and taking me out the match altogether. Bah.

I was disappointed with how short-lived my title reign was and it is amazing to think that for a short amount of time, THE Social Elite were in possession of all of the gold in Reckless Intent! Despite this, I do admit that there has been an interesting series of events surrounding this championship, with them including Mister News losing his championship to Euan G Mackie in a dream (?!), Randy Valentine re-discovering his ‘Ravishing’ ways with a victory over Jam O’Malley, Doug Williams ending the unbeaten record of Darren T Goss and then Mister News winning the championship from Doug Williams ‘by beer.’ If you have not done so already, you absolutely NEED to check out the series of videos on the Reckless Intent Facebook page.

So, an eventful series of events at Reckless Intent. Their next events are Saturday 11th March in Biggar and 1st April in Livingston. You can visit their social media pages for more information. The life of Smith will see me continue training at the Source Wrestling School (where seminars hosted by WWE UK and NXT stars Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate at the end of April have just been announced!) and I will be in Leeds for five days next week to train with the great people at Grapple Wrestling. I might also pay a visit to Scarborough, with me being a big fan of the seaside and renowned playwright Sir Alan Ayckbourn, who wrote a lot of plays that were set in the seaside town. Until then though, that is THE Life of Smith. Good day.