Adam’s Top 10…WrestleZone Regal Rumble Moments

It’s time once again to start the road to Aberdeen Anarchy! With WrestleZone hosting their annual Regal Rumble event this coming Saturday, I’ve decided to list my top 10 moments from the previous 7 shows.

Honourable Mentions;
Jay Lethal & Sonjay Dutt in WrestleZone (2014)
Aspen Faith’s 3 Seconds of Shame (2013) – Watch Now
Aspen Faith Eliminates Himself (2016)
Brian Starr Wins a Contract (2012)
Kaden Garrick’s Impactful Debut (2014)
Crusher Craib Wins the Rumble (2013)

10. Scotty Swift Achieves His Dream (2015)

Scotty Swift has been one of the biggest stars in WrestleZone since the promotion’s inception in 2008, but could never quite make it to the top of the mountain. Although he was able to win both the No Limits and Tag Team Titles, the Red-Haired Warrior was always unlucky when it came to challenging for the Undisputed Title. Entering the 2015 Regal Rumble match at number 15, Swift made it his mission to come out victorious. As he dumped Andy Wild out from the ring, fans realised their hero was going to main event Aberdeen Anarchy. But Damien, who had earlier been chased through the crowd by Crusher Craib, returned to ringside and almost eliminated Swift. Scotty was able to outlast Damien, knocking him from the apron with a discus punch. Fans were left in utter joy as their hero had secured his spot at Aberdeen Anarchy. Scotty would go on to win the Undisputed Title from Joe Coffey at the supershow, holding it for a record-breaking 525 days.

9. Jimbo Bannon’s Debut (2016)

During the announcements for the entrants into the 2016 Regal Rumble match, it was revealed that Jimbo Bannon would be representing the WrestleZone Training Academy in his first main roster bout. Entering at number 5 to cheers from the crowd, he made an immediate impact on the inaugural Undisputed Champion as he forced Damien to submit with an armbar. Despite putting in a valiant effort for the remainder of his time in the contest, he was dumped over the ropes as the 3rd man eliminated. Since his impressive debut, Jimbo has been wrestling the likes of Andy Wild, Shawn Johnson and Alan Sterling as he looks to make a name for himself in WrestleZone.

8. Jack Jester’s Rampage (2014)

Jack Jester made his Regal Rumble debut during the 2014 event, pinning Sonjay Dutt with a hold of the ropes before competing in that year’s Rumble match. Just seconds after entering, he quickly disposed of fan-favourite Grado to boos. Next to go was Team SMASH’s James Midas, before Jester focused his attention on former TNA and ROH superstar Sonjay Dutt in continuation of their opening contest. Dutt was tossed out and the match eventually came down to Jester, Jay Lethal and Mr Malice before Jack was declared the victor of the contest. He would go on to capture the Undisputed Title from Crusher Craib in the main event of the second Aberdeen Anarchy but lost it back to Craib in his first defense at Battle of the Nations.

7. Bingo Ballance Wins The First Regal Rumble Match (2010)

2 years after the formation of WrestleZone, they hosted the first ever Regal Rumble match. Taking place on June 26th 2010 from Aberdeen’s Summerhill Hotel, the evening was surrounded by the hype for the first annual Regal Rumble. With Scotty Swift retaining his No Limits Title and The Sterling Brothers holding onto their Tag Team Titles, the time had come to crown the first Regal Rumble winner. After coming up short in his quest for the tag straps alongside Bryan Tucker earlier on in the show, it would be Irish high-flyer Bingo Ballance that secured his name in the history books as the winner of WrestleZone’s first Regal Rumble. Can Bingo achieve another win in this year’s Rumble?

6. Joe Coffey Wins The Undisputed Title (2015)

Crusher Craib had been unstoppable during both his reigns as Undisputed WrestleZone Champion, knocking off all sorts of challengers, from Aspen Faith to Andy Wild to Jackie Polo. Things took a slight twist at WrestleZone’s last show in the Cloverleaf Hotel in January 2015. After Crusher and Joe Coffey put away the team of Aspen Faith and Johnny Lions, Coffey shockingly turned his back on the fans and clotheslined the big man off his feet. Soon after, Joe stated he wanted a crack at the Undisputed Title. The match was signed for the 2015 Regal Rumble in March. After accidentally booting the referee in the face, Crusher was superkicked twice as Damien entered from the crowd. This allowed Joe to lock Crusher in the No Mercy submission hold to become the new Undisputed Champion. Crusher was furious as he was screwed out of his title. Joe would hold the gold until Aberdeen Anarchy two months later, losing it in his first defense to Regal Rumble winner Scotty Swift.

5. Ross McTavish Eliminates Alan Sterling (2014)

At Aberdeen Anarchy 2013, Evening Express journalist Ross McTavish teamed with Scotty Swift to face The Sterling Brothers, who he had been having run-ins with at prior events. It was during this bout that Alan tapped out to Ross for the first time. Heading into the 2014 Regal Rumble event, both Alan and Ross were announced as entrants into the 20-man field. Alan entered at number 2, and lasted all the way to meet McTavish halfway during the bout. Just seconds after entering the ring, Ross made Alan submit once again before eliminating him from the match. As McTavish celebrated eliminating his rival, he was dumped out by Sonjay Dutt with help from Alan at ringside. Their rivalry would culminate with Ross coming out on top in a submission match at Aberdeen Anarchy 2014.

4. Bryan Tucker Returns (2016)

Ever since Shawn Johnson turned his back on longtime tag partner Bryan Tucker in November 2015 in favour of joining Sterling Oil, Tucker decided to step away from professional wrestling. After earning the right to enter the 2016 Regal Rumble as #20 following a victory in Peterhead, Shawn Johnson found himself in the final two alongside previous two-time winner Crusher Craib. Just as Shawn looked to concuss Crusher with a conchairto, a masked man charged in from the crowd and smacked Shawn twice with a steel chair. As a team of referees and security pulled him from the ring, the man was identified as Bryan Tucker. Fans were amazed at what they had just seen, and Tucker’s assault allowed Crusher to become a three-time winner of the Regal Rumble match.

3. Aspen Faith Attacks Len Ironside (2014)

During early 2014, Aspen Faith had been cheating his way to victory much to the disgust of British wrestling icon Len Ironside. After KT Kane interfered on Aspen’s behalf in a match against the debuting Ian Ambrose in Peterhead, Len had a discussion with the referee who overturned his decision and awarded the victory to Ambrose. This led Aspen to interrupt Ironside at the 2014 Regal Rumble, challenging the retired grappler to a match at that year’s Aberdeen Anarchy. After Len initially declined the challenge, Faith called him a coward. Ironside, as a result, accepted Aspen’s challenge to a match at the Beach Ballroom. Then in a shocking display, Faith whacked the British legend across the face. Fans were disgusted as Aspen was dragged from the ringside area. Aspen would go on to win the bout, contested under World of Sport rules, at Aberdeen Anarchy on May 10th.

2. Crusher Craib Turns On Sterling Oil (2012)

Heading into the 2012 Regal Rumble on June 9th, there were problems arising between Crusher Craib and his Sterling Oil comrades, most notably the group’s Chief Financial Officer, Richard R. Russell. After Crusher and The Sterling Brothers lost to Bingo Ballance, Bryan Tucker and Shawn Johnson earlier on in the evening, it came time for the 3rd annual Regal Rumble match. During the bout, Crusher set the record for most eliminations in a single Rumble as he tossed out 7 of the other 19 competitors en route to his victory. As the bout came to it’s end, the entire Sterling Oil faction eliminated the previous year’s winner Bryan Tucker, before Richard R. Russell asked for each member to eliminate himself until there was only one left. Mr Malice climbed out of the ring, before it was Crusher Craib’s turn. After he refused to do what Russell asked, Richard slapped him across the face. Big mistake. Crusher Craib had finally had enough and choked Richard in the corner before he tossed William Sterling, Alan Sterling and Damien over the top rope to earn the right to call himself the 2012 Regal Rumble winner. What a terrible night this was for the Sterling Oil corporation.

1. Bryan Tucker Wins His First Match (2011)

Ever since making his debut in 2009, Bryan Tucker had been unsuccessful in every single match over the next 2 years, losing to the likes of Crusher Craib, Brian Starr, James Midas and even Mr Malice. As the time came for the 2011 Regal Rumble match, everyone had their favourites. Would it be the monstrous Crusher Craib? Perhaps fan-favourite Scotty Swift? By the end of the evening, fans were left amazed as the perennial underdog Bryan Tucker changed the landscape of WrestleZone with his first victory coming in style. Although he would be unsuccessful in winning any gold in the months after his win, Tucker did eventually become the new Undisputed Champion in January 2012, ending the 336-day reign of the first champion Damien. Truly a memorable moment for all WrestleZone fans.

I’m sure we’ll have plenty more moments from this year’s event. Tickets are available right now from, priced at £12 for adults and £10 for under 14s. Pay at the door entry will also be available on the evening. Who do you think will go on to main event Aberdeen Anarchy 2017?