Five Picks To Win The 2017 WrestleZone Regal Rumble

On Saturday the Regal Rumble returns to The Northern Hotel in Aberdeen, a night full of surprises are in store. The last couple years I’ve popped up my five picks and have a 100% success rate (though with twenty entrants and picking five does give me a one in four chance to being right…shush you).

1. Aspen Faith

Last year Faith got down to the final three until an incident occurred that we won’t talk about because I’m still not totally over watching my favourite to win slip off the apron and break my heart clean in two, it’s like seeing your horse make it to the final hurdle and you clutch that slip in your hand, the one that will means that you can finally go on that holiday, buy that dream car and it just slips away at the last second as the horse plows into the last stile, killing that dream…but I won’t talk about it…

Aspen Faith has a semi final match in the Tri-Counties Title Tournament earlier in the evening so there is a real possibility that we could have a Champion vs Champion match at Aberdeen Anarchy with whomever is Undisputed WrestleZone Champion defending against the Tri-Counties Champion. That would be incredible.

2. Shawn Johnson

Last years runner up may’ve had a different ending is Bryan Tucker hadn’t returned and battered Johnson with a chair. Johnson has been slowly becoming the golden child of Sterling Oil, regularly being the only victory that the group earns at events. 2016 may have been a bit premature for Johnson to main event Aberdeen Anarchy but in the last twelve months he has been proving himself capable of being the figurehead of WrestleZone.

3. Damien

The runner up at the 2015 event has been hell bent on gaining the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship but he has failed in every attempt to dethrone Scotty Swift. I have to wonder if this may be the last chance Richard R Russell will give ‘The Revolutionary’, he has had ample opportunity and little reward. He may be desperate to gain victory which makes him very dangerous.

4. Grado

It would be hard to not include Grado as a favourite. He has held many titles but a championship in WrestleZone isn’t on that list. After missing last years Aberdeen Anarchy event, this would be a great way for him to return to the Beach Ballroom and in the main event to boot. Grado vs Scotty Swift or Andy Wild? Aye, that wouldn’t be half bad.

5. Johnny Lions

Johnny Lions was in the main event of the first Aberdeen Anarchy to take place at the Beach Ballroom as he fell to that years Regal Rumble winner Crusher Craib. Lions may be the dark horse to win this one, he certainly has the capabilities to outlast nineteen other men, has the savvy to outmaneuver opponents. Keep an eye on the ‘Tenacious One’.

So that’s my five picks, who do you think will win the eighth Regal Rumble match?

Past Winners:
2010 – Bingo Ballance
2011 – Bryan Tucker
2012 – Crusher Craib
2013 – Crusher Craib
2014 – Jack Jester
2015 – Scotty Swift
2016 – Crusher Craib
2017 – ???