Five Picks To Win The 2017 PWE Elite Rumble

There’s another Rumble on Saturday with The Citadel Centre in Ayr being swarmed by 30 combatants all fighting to become the number one contender to the Pro Wrestling Elite Heavyweight Championship. A fraction of the names have been announced but I’ll have a stab at narrowing down five names to keep an eye on to win it all and face off against the champion, currently Iestyn Rees, down the line.

1. Sha Samuels

As soon as I started going through the list of names that are in the Elite Rumble one name just jumped out at me, ‘The East End Butcher’ Sha Samuels. He’s big, agile and is gaining quite a lot of fans North of the border. He faces former TNA World Heavyweight Champion Mr Anderson earlier in the evening which could provide a suitable warm up to tear through 29 opponents towards a shot at the PWE Heavyweight Championship.

2. Mark Coffey

The ‘Power Forward’ Mark Coffey has all the tools to go all the way, stamina, ring awareness and scoops. He’s been seeing major success as a tag team wrestler but is no sloach in singles competition, could prove to be a worthy opponent to Iestyn Rees in a very interesting match up if it was to occur. He faces Wolfgang earlier in the evening, which will not make his night any easier.

3. Joe Coffey

He’s the Iron Man and a mighty wrestler, this list couldn’t be complete without Joe Coffey. He narrowly missed out winning the title when it was vacated following Noam Dar’s signing with WWE so a showdown with Rees may be on the horizon. Not one to shy away from going the distance, Joe Coffey may need to save some energy from his bout with, someone who will be out to run Coffey ragged, Charlie Sterling if he looks to stand a chance in this one.

4. Lewis Girvan

In terms of PWE this may be a bit of a left field choice but Lewis Girvan has been tearing it up wherever he’s been, he calls himself ‘The Best Young Wrestler’ and has done little to make people think any different. Girvan has been on fire and it’ll just take one moment for him to catapult into the title scene in PWE and he could certainly do it. He’s also not scheduled for a match earlier in the evening so will have plenty of energy to get through 29 other competitors.

5. Viper

The wildcard in this one, ‘The Vixen of Violence’ Viper isn’t afraid of any man or woman and goes into this with the exact same goal as everyone else, to win. Wouldn’t put it past Viper to become the first female heavyweight champion whether it be in PWE or elsewhere she has certainly put the work in and has beaten many a man and woman. A historic win here would be something special.

So that’s my five picks, who do you think will win the forth Elite Rumble match?

Past Winners:
2014 – Grado
2015 – Noam Dar
2016 – Noam Dar
2017 – ???