Sheer Utter Chaos For Scottish Comedian

One year after a near fatal car accident, stand up comedian, radio host and pro-wrestling commentator, Billy Kirkwood returns to the Glasgow International Comedy Festival with his brand new show: Sheer Utter Chaos on Monday 20 March.

While travelling back from a gig late one night, Billy’s came off the road, leading to an accident which could easily have cost him his life. This kicked off a tumultuous 12 months for the world travelled comedian, becoming a father for the second time, appearing at the Hydro for Insane Championship Wrestling, assuming the role of West FM’s breakfast DJ, all while maintaining a full time touring schedule as a travelling comedian.

Drawing inspiration from these experiences, the new show discusses life, death, parenthood and everything in between, with a healthy dose of improvisation thrown in for good measure.

Discussing the show, Billy said: “Over the last decade, I’ve been very lucky to perform stand up all over the world, and it’s been incredible. But just over a year ago I was in a car accident that, by all accounts, could have and probably should have killed me. But it didn’t. I walked away. It’s taught met to savour the moments and that may not sound like much, but it’s a big thing.

“My career has always been ‘ahead, ahead, ahead, what’s the next challenge?’ Since the accident I now look at what’s coming up, what I want to do, and think ‘what is there to be afraid of?’ I would rather go into something and fail on my own merit than being afraid to try.

“At around the same time, I became a father for the second time, and that just brings things into sharper contrast. It’s great, it’s trying, it’s aged me horribly, more than anything it has made be appreciate people more and become a better person.”

Proclaiming Glasgow to be his “adopted home”, 2017 marks Billy’s ninth year at the Glasgow International Comedy Festival, and continues his tradition of trying new shows, concepts and ideas in the city he “cut his teeth” in stand up.

He added: “The people of Glasgow have been very kind to me, and I just want to keep giving it something different; I very much like the idea of not being settled, of always scrambling with something different. So that’s why I’ll keep coming back, every year…until I’m dead!

“I did a show last year called Just Being Funny, and before that At Least I’m Having Fun, and I always think it’s indicative of where my mind. Sheer Utter Chaos, I want to make people laugh of course, but I guess I just want to give people a snapshot of where my life is at the moment, a glimpse of the tumbling ball of just utter, utter mayhem!

“No one’s life is easy, all our lives are mental and I just want to tell some of the stories from my point of view. I’ve recognised that we are all just swirling through this giant chasm that is meant to be the universe and trying not to take life too seriously. It’s OK to get angry, it’s OK to have a sense of humour about things, just try not to take life so seriously and we’re all guilty of it. Life is complicated but you know something? Sod it, just keep going. That’s what Sheer Utter Chaos is all about.”

Sheer Utter Chaos is a one night only event, with limited tickets still available. For more information, visit: