Wrestler Spotlight: Jordan Devlin

Welcome to the Wrestler Spotlight. Today, we’re looking at Irish wrestling sensation Jordan Devlin, who made his first appearance in ICW since 2013 this past Friday.

– Adam Morrison

Alias – Jordan Devlin, Frank David, Aguila Artois, Aguila II
Nicknames – n/a
Companies Wrestled For – Pro Wrestling ZERO1 Ireland, Fight Factory Pro Wrestling, Catch Wrestling Norddeutschland, British Championship Wrestling, Pro Wrestling ZERO1 Spain, Premier British Wrestling, No Limit Wrestling, westside Xtreme wrestling, Westside Dojo, Pro Wrestling ZERO1, National Wrestling Alliance United Kingdom Hammerlock, American Wrestling Rampage, Scottish Wrestling Alliance, Infinite Promotions, Insane Championship Wrestling, Revolution Pro Wrestling, Over the Top Wrestling, Celtic Championship Wrestling, World Wrestling Entertainment and PROGRESS Wrestling
Titles & Accomplishments
1x NWA Ireland Junior Heavyweight Champion (length unknown)
1x NWA Ireland Tag Team Champion w/Sir Michael W. Winchester (239 days)
1x BCW Tag Team Champion w/Sean South (202 days)
1x PBW Tag Team Champion w/Sean South (175 days)
1x NWA International Lightweight Tag Team Champion w/Sean Guinness (length unknown)
Signature Moves – Diving Moonsault, Spinning Enzuigiri
Alliances – Green, White & Awesome w/Sean South, The Big Hangovers w/Shawn Maxer/Sean Guinness, The Regency Society w/Sir Michael W. Winchester, Aston Fenchurch IV & William Douglas Hawksworth, The Social Elite w/Charlie Sterling & Paul Tracey
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