SWE Summary with Justin Crow – Uprising March 2017

It was a night of surprises and shocks, with a few tears as well. Thank you Ardler for a warm welcome back and here is a quick recap of what went down, at Uprising

Steven “Air” Myles had a hell of a match against The Riot Chris James and was successful in defending the SWE Future Division Championship. But what went down post match had everyone in shock. Grue and the rest of GWO was at ringside and lambasted James post match for once again failing to get the win, But Grue did say the gold would be in GWO and Myles struck. Steven ‘Air’ Myles still your Future Division Champion, but now a member of GWO. as for James, the graffiti on his back made it clear, he was out.

Following a very emotional tribute to the late, great and friend of SWE, Dennis Stamp, Destruction By Design picked up a huge dominating win over Supercharged.

Debbie Sharpe’s open invitational was answered by her Bae-st friend Sammi Jayne, who only wanted a competitive match after no one else answered the challenge. But afterwards, Sharpe wasn’t too happy with having to put in the work, especially as it was Jayne who won the match.

Felix Fortune got the win over LJT after Stallyon’s silhouette appeared behind the screen distracting LJT, when the lights came back on, Fortune took advantage with a roll up, and a hand full of tights, for the win.

Following a surprise video appearance by Vicki Guerrero, Deadcell picked up a dominating and powerful win against The Scumbucks that even having the whole Ardler Complex behind The Scumbucks couldn’t help them.

Following the match, Grue shocked everyone by revealing it was JD Wilde who cost Ambrose the match the previous month, an accusation Wilde strongly disputed.

Next up, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, Connor Frost picked up the win against Stallyon via count out as LJT got revenge against Stallyon for costing him his match earlier. LJT rushed the ring and Stallyon retreated through the crowd, but he who fights and run away can fight another day and both men deeply have the other square in their sight.

After running his mouth about him on commentary, The Jackal taught Alex Webb a lesson or two in humility and respect.

Bravehart did return for the Heel Reel and gave Grue the telling he was needing, culminating in a video message from Ted Dibiase, we will see Edith Summers herself take over GM duties, next month at Ardler. However, only for the first half, Grue returns for the second, but Dibiase will be evaluating both and one will keep the title going forward, but which one?

Finally, EG Mackie can thank Miss Demeanour for saving him the SWE Heavyweight Championship as a powerhouse of a man, Belguims own Steve Kunningas took him to the limit, leading to Miss Demeanour slapping the challenger and being chased, for her troubles, out the building. With Kunningas giving chase, the ref gave the 10 count and Mackie keeps the title.

It was so good to be back, hopefully I can make the trip again because the highway to Hell For Lycra has begun.

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– Justin Crow