SWE Uprising 25/03/17 Results

Ardler Complex, Dundee

SWE Future Division Championship – Steven ‘Air’ Myles defeated The Riot Chris James by Pinfall to retain the SWE Future Division Championship.

After the match, Grue entered to scold James for failing again, he revealed that the GWO would still gain gold as Steven Myles then attacked James and revealed as the newest member of the Grue World Order, replacing Chris James.

Destruction By Design (Chaz Phoenix & Lix Tetrax) defeated Supercharged (Scotty Riccio & Spike Tierney) by Pinfall.

Sammii Jayne defeated Debbie Sharpe by Pinfall.

Felix Fortune defeated LJT by Pinfall.

Deadcell (Nathan Reynolds & Kevin Williams) defeated The Scum Bucks (Ian Ambrose & JD Wilde) by Pinfall.

Connor Frost defeated Stallyon by Count Out.

The Jackal defeated Alex Webb by Pinfall.

During Bravehart’s Heel Reel it was revealed by Ted Dibiase that Edith Summer and Grue would take control of half of the next Uprising event so he can evaluate their performance.

SWE Heavyweight Championship – Euan G Mackie defeated Steve Kunningas by Count Out to retain the SWE Heavyweight Championship.

Source: Justin Crow